Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 27th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pakhi tells Sai that they all know how stubborn Virat is and its affecting everyone’s lives. Sai asks what is the solution for this. Pakhi says only solution is Sai should return to Kankauli with Savi. Sai asks if this is the solution she found. Pakhi says everyone were before Savi’s return, they didn’t even know that she is alive; things are complicating each day, they can lead peaceful life if they stay in separate cities, Virat can visit Savi during holidays and weekends and concentrate on his family and Savi equally, and if Savi stays in Nagpur, he would be paying attention only to Savi. She explains the problems they would face.

Sai says chameleon is necessarily blamed, real color changers are humans; Pakhi pleaded her to visit Nagpur to treat her son, she came to Nagpur without bothering about her daughter’s future and now when her son got well, she wants her to leave Nagpur without bothering about her daughter’s future; her daughter is happy here after finding her brother and father and Pakhi wants to snatch that happiness, she is so selfish. Pakhi says she agrees even now that Sai is the reason for her son getting well and she wouldn’t forget her favor, but she really didn’t know whose daughter Savi is. Sai asks if she wouldn’t have called her else. Pakhi says she would have but with precautions; many people know about Sai and Virat’s past and both Savi and Vinayak will have to face the consequences on a daily basis; she knows Sai already sensed the consequences and hence was leaving Nagpur; she can go wherever she wants to and leave Napur at any cost, she will take care of all her expenses.

Sai asks why is she talking about expenses when she didn’t take a penny for Vinayak’s treatment; she is a competent doctor and can take care of her and her daughter; if she goes from here, Virat will blame her for breaking promise, etc. Pakhi says half of world is in sorrow because of the promises made, Virat promised her and broke it, then he promised Sai and broke it, its a never ending process, Sai should break the promise this time for her daughter’s better future. Sai says its amazing that Pakhi;s husband doesn’t want to her to go but Pakhi wants her to go, she is right for the first time though. She agrees finally. Pakhi smiles and says if they were in different situation and at different places, they would have been good friends.

Virat enters and hears their conversation. He drags Sai out. Sai asks him to listen to her. Pakhi says he is misunderstanding. Virat shouts at her not to interfere and says 2 women who hate each other are teaming up against a man who they are associated with. He warns Sai to dare not try to take his daughter away from him or else he will reach any corner of the world she hides in. He threatens to reveal Savi that he is her real father and her mother hid the truth from her, he will make her daughter hate her and leave her; he will send her to jail and will not spare her so easily. He asks if she thinks only a mother can be emotional, even a father can. He continues threatening Sai. Vinayak walks to them and asks what are they doing here. Virat takes Vinayak and Pakhi from there. Vinayak says he will cheer up mamma’s mood with ice cream. Virat says its okay as he will cheer his mamma up.

Sai vents out frustration throwing bricks on a broken wall at a construction site. Virat stops her. Sai asks what does he think of himself, he threw her out of house earlier, ruined her life, put her in jai, now want to snatch her daughter from her; she came here because his wife pleaded him and continues confronting him.

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