Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 28th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Sai vents out her frustration on Virat for him and his family threatening her. She then realizes its her imagination and thins she will show him what she can do. Virat asks Pakhi why did she meet Sai. Pakhi says she was finding a solution for the problem. Virat asks if his daughter is a problem for her and says she met Sai and conspired against him. Pakhi says he is misunderstanding him. Virat shouts she cannot see him happy and is trying to expel his daughter from his life. Pakhi says she cares for his happiness or else he wouldn’t have married him. Virat shouts then did she befriended Sai and conspired against him, why does she think only she can take care of Vinayak and not him. He bangs his had to a cupboard.

Pakhi apologizes him and says she didn’t know he would be so hurt and requests him to give her a chance to change things. Virat says he was confident that his wife would always respect his decision and hence didn’t ask her before taking any decision; he warns her not to do anything wrong again which would end ther relationship. He storms out of the room. Pakhi breaks down. Vinayak tells Ashwini that his mood is fine now as baba fed him ice cream. Ashwini says even Virat’s baba used to do same. Vinayak reveals that mamma had also come there to surprise them and baba told he surprised her instead. Ashwini thinks why did Pakhi go there and prays god not to let anything go wrong which would ruin their relationships.

Bhavani notices Pakhi crying and says she will make sure Vinayak doesn’t study with Savi. Pakhi requests her not to do anything or else Virat will get angry. Bhavani calls Vinayak’s school principal and requests her not to give Vinayak’s school leaving certificate to Virat. Principals informs that Virat already took away certificate, but Vinayak can rejoin the school any time. Pakhi cries that she shouldn’t have met Sai at all. Bhavani says she did right by asking Sai to leave Nagpur and curses that Sai is an illness which will kill them, she is sure Sai will create a storm in their lives.

Sai visits Chavan nivas and asks Virat to come out. Virat walks to her and asks why is she creating a drama. Family gathers. Sai says he is creating a drama, reminds his challenge to inform truth to Savi and says he can surely inform Savi that he is her real father and also inform why he left his aayi for a third person. Virat stands silent. Sai asks if he doesn’t have courage to ruin his daughter’s life and warns him to dare not threaten her again as he is not her punching bag to vent out his anger on her and move on, she is tired of his and his family drama; she thought all the problems will solve if she goes from there, but now she will stay in Nagpur with her daughter and will think only about her family; her daughter is comfortable in Nagpur and already got admission in a school; only she will take decisions for her daughter from hereon and Virat will meet her once a week on weekends and when Savi visits Chavan nivas and if she misbehaves with her, Virat will lose a chance to meet Savi on even weekends; Virat should keep the issues to himself and not involve a third person between them.

Sai hands over a list of terms and conditions for Virat and says they can go to court if he has a problem with any of the conditions and she will not hesitate to file a court case for her daughter’s solo custody. Chavan family stands in shock. Sai warns Virat to dare not speak rudely or show his right on her again as she is not his slave or his wife and she will show him what real misbehavior is and teach roaster goon a lesson. Virat stands speechless. Ashwini notices his hand injury and asks how did he suffer it. He says real injury is in his heart which will never heal. Pakhi tries to first-aid Virat’s injury and apologizes him for her mistake. He allows her to clean it. She says she has right on him as a wife. He asks her to let it open as he wants to remember the injury wife gave him.

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