Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 29th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pakhi cleans Virat’s hand injury and tries to bandage it. Virat says let it be open as it reminds him of the injury his wife gave him. Ashwini walks to Pakhi and says Pakhi always supported Virat since she married him, but today she did wrong by meeting Sai behind Virat; she should trust herself as trust is mot important in a relationship; she should remove the fear of losing from her mind and should remember that she is Virat’s wife and Vinu’s mother; she should also accept the truth that Sai is alive and is a mother of Virat’s baby, Virat’s daughter will live near them and even her mother will, Virat will never let his daughter go away and would get angry if Pakhi tries to separate them; she should remember her advice before taking any further steps. Pakhi sits tensed.

Ashwini prepares Vinu’s favorite breakfast. Vinu gets happy and asks her to pack tiffin for even Savi. Sonali says today is parent-teacher meeting and not a regular class. Vinu says he will share tiffin with Savi in car then. Virat walks in ready and asks Ashwini to help him button his coat. Pakhi walks in and tries to help. Virat stops her and asks Ashwini to help her. He visits school for Vinayak’s interview with Pakhi. Sai visits with Savi. Teacher interacts with them. Pakhi introduces herself as Vinayak’s mother and Sai as Savi’s mother. Virat says he is a father of both kids. Principal takes Savi and Vinayak to their class and introduces them. Vinayak and Savi kiss their mothers and father. Kids laugh that they have 2 mothers and 1 father. Principal scolds them. Sai tells Virat that she already warned him of this weird situation.

Bhavani notices Ashwini prepares new dishes and asks if she is participating in a cooking competition, who will have these. Ashwini says kids will as they like unique things. Sonali asks if Savi will visit them daily, doesn’t she remember Savi’s warning, she doesn’t think Sai will let Savi come here daily. Ashwini says if Savi doesn’t come here, she will visit Savi. Bhavani yells that Sai got free cook, now she doesn’t to cook at all. Ashwini says they are well enough to feed their own blood. Bhavani yells that she changed her loyalty again and is supporting Sai again instead of Pakhi. Ashwini says she shouldn’t think so. Sonali provokes Bhavani against Sai and Savi.

Virat and Pakhi get into their car after dropping kids. Sai waits for a rickshaw. Pakhi walks to Sai and apologizes for meeting her yesterday because of which she had to face such a big drama. Sai addressing her as Mrs Chavan says she doesn’t want interfere in other couple’s lives and hence made rules, so Pakhi should concentrate on the rules and its better they talk less. Pakhi returns to her car. Virat accuses Pakhi of creating an issue and then apologizing, he can meet his daughter only once a week because of her. DIG calls Virat and informs that his police unit vehcile met with an accident and unit suffered severe injuries. Virat says he is at highway itself and would reach the unit soon. He asks Pakhi to get out of car and seeks Sai’s help in helping his unit. Sai agrees and gets into car. Pakhi stands sadly.

Sai questions howmany people are injured and if there is first-aid kid in car. Virat asks to check glove box. Sai opens glove box and finds maata ki chunri in it. She recalls past incident related to the chunri and Virat. Pakhi returns home. Ashwini asks if Vinu joined his new school and asks where is Vireat. Pakhi says Virat went with Sai to attend his injured unit. Sonali asks how can Sai go with Virat when she created such a big drama yesterday. Pakhi asks her not to make her imagine things which she doesn’t want to. Bhavani warns her to stop acting blind and remove the blindfold before its too late. Ashwini asks Bhavani not to make any wrong perception as Sai is just helping Virat as a doctor. Sonali says Virat would have taken Pakhi also, but he sent her in auto and took Savi.

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