Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 2nd May 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Satya tells Sai that Maddy and Gowri decorated this room thinking he would move on in life, but how can he forget his first love. Sai gets emotional and says why its so difficult to forget someone; even after know that they don’t have a future together and they can’t unite, why they can’t forget that person; she knows she took a right decision and doesn’t regret about it, then why she is feeling pain; will her pain never end; she doesn’t know how will she live with this pain and how will Virat live with so much hatred for her. Satya says she wanted Virat to stop following her and won her challenge. Sai says she doesn’t know what she won. Satya says she suffered a lot in life and brought up her daughter alone, he is unfit to comfort her, but he can say that when a person goes away from them, they can live with that person’s memory. He looks at Girijia’s photo and says Girija’s memory is his life, but life without her is incomplete. Waqt Ne Kiya Kiya Haseen Sitam… song plays in the background. They both break down recalling quality time spent with their loved ones.

Virat regains consciousness and notices his room shattered and Pakhi sitting on floor. Pakhi asks him how he feels after becoming like her. Virat asks what does she mean. Pakhi says when he had called her to Gadchiroli after she had married Samrat, she was shattered seeing Virat filling sindhoor in Sai’s hairline; he is feeling the same pain seeing Satya filling sindhoor in Sai’s hairline; she thought he loved her, but she was wrong. Virat asks if she means he is bearing for his sins and is making a joke out of him. She is not joking and is asking how it feels when you immensely love someone and that person immensely loves someone else. Virat says he always told her that he loves only Sai and asks her to leave him alone. Pakhi returns to her room, signs divorce papers, and thinks she tried her best to awoke a love for her in his heart but now realized that he never loved her and she doesn’t matter to him at all, so she doesn’t have any right to stay in his house and will go away from him as he wishes. She writes a letter for Vinu and hopes it reaches him.

Next morning, Sai walks to kitchen and seeing Maddy and Gowri cooking asks if she can help them. Maddy asks if she woke up early. Sai says she woke up late in fact. Maddy says they thought she would have been awake whole night. Sai hears a knocking sound and asks what is happening. Maddy says its Satya. Sai walks out to check what Satya is doing and bumps on Amba. Amba asks what is this. Sai asks what happened. Amba calls Satya and asks if he saw what his wife did? Satya wishes good morning to Sai and asks what? Amba says Sai is not wearing green bangles, which is a symbol of being a suhaagan. She asks Maddy to bring green bangles and insists Satya to fix them in Sai’s wrist. Satya hesitates, but agrees on Aaji’s request. Amba then asks him to fix flower gajra in Sai’s hair and says from today he will fix gajra in Sai’s hair everyone morning after a bath. Satya says its too much now, they will do whatever they like. Maddy also insists and clicks pics. Satya looks at Sai and says he will not fix it in front of everyone as its their private moment. He takes Sai to room and apologizes her for his family’s drama, promises to find a solution for such situations in the future. Sai thanks him and wears gajra recalling Virat helping her before. Satya helps her. She thanks him.

Usha calls Sai and informs that she is bringing Savi to Satya’s house. Sai asks her ot bring Savi to a garden first and meets them there. She tells Savi that a special room is built fo her. Savi excitedly asks if baba built it. Sai says Dr. Satya built it. Savi asks why would Dr. Satya build a room for her in his house. Sai says she and Dr Satya are making a project, so they both have to stay at Satya’s house. Savi asks why can’t Satya stay with them instead. Sai informs that she and Satya are married now. Savi asks if Satya is her baba now?

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