Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 30th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Virat and Sai reach the accident spot and help an injured police suad. Dilse Re.. song plays in the background. They bandage the victims. Virat counts his squad and finds a few more unconscious stuck under the van. They both lift the van up and pull the injured out. Sai slips and twists her leg. Virat lifts her and walks while she looks at his face. Dilse Re.. song continues in the background. He finds one last injured officer, and they both first-aid him. Commissioner with team and ambulance reaches the spot. Virat and Sai brief the situation to him. Commissioner praises Sai for saving the squad’s life on time and fulfilling her responsibility as a doctor. Doctor also praises Sai and thanks her.

Sai returns home. Savi describes how she enjoyed at her new school. Vinayak also describes how he enjoyed at his new school and got a gold star from his teacher. Bhavani says masta masta, he is her grandson. Savi feels sad that she got only 3 out of 5 answers right and got just a star and Vinu dada got a gold star. Vinayak thanks Virat for getting his admission in such a good school. Virat asks him to repeat it loudly and clear someone/Pakhi’s doubt.

Commissioner visits Chavans and congratulates them that Virat and Sai bravely saved police squad’s lives. He thanks Virat for his bravery and says he wants to discuss something important with him. Pakhi asks commissioner if he needs tea or coffee. Commissioner says coffee and walks aside with Virat. He tells Virat that seeing Sai and Virat saving squad as as team, he wants to include Sai in police department as a doctor and even spoke to Sai about it. Virat asks what did Sai say. Commissioner says he will answer it later and asks his opinion first. Pakhi hears their conversation and gets tensed. Sai expresses her anger in front of Usha. Virat tells Commissioner that seeing his past with Sai, he can’t work with her and asks what did Sai say. Commissioner says even Sai said no and recalls asking Sai to think well tonight and take an informed decision as Sai and Virat’s team saved many lives. He encourages Virat to accept his offer and leaves.

Ashwini informs family about DIG’s offer. Bhavani yells and says she will speak to commissioner and will not let Virat work with Sai. She yells Ashwini that she must be happy that Sai is getting a job now and Savi can visit them often. Ninad says he and Ashwini know about the consequences of Ex’s working together and don’t want Sai and Virat to work together, but they also want whole family to accept the truth as it is. Pakhi walks to Virat and says she wants to speak to him as a wife. Virat says she lost that right. Pakhi says she knows she lost that right, but wants to see respect in their relationship and hence will discuss every issue with him from hereon. She says they never shared a bed like a couple, but she truly followed their relationship and any woman wouldn’t like her husband work with her ex-wife and hence he should reject commissioner’s offer for the sake of their family. He assures her that he will reject commissioner offer. Pakhi emotionally hugs him.

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