Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 3rd May 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Savi asks Sai why would they stay at Satya’s house and why can’t Satya stay at their house. Sai says just like she can’t stay without her aayi/mother, even Satya can’t stay without his mother. She further reveals that she married Dr Satya. Savi asks reason. Sai says its a project named life which she can’t explain her now and she will understand it once she grows up. Savi asks if Satya is her baba now. Sai says her Virat will be her baba forever. Savi asks what will she call Satya then. Sai says she can decide it herself when she meets Satya and takes her along. Ashwini enters Virat’s room and helps him wear uniform. She asks where is Pakhi. Virat says he doesn’t know and doesn’t want want to know. Ashwini says he is injured and should take a leave from work. Virat insists to attend office and says he wouldn’t die with his injuries. Ashwini says she is worried about the wounds on his heart and says when Sai has married and moved on in life, even he should move on in life. Virat asks who Sai, and when he tried to move on and perform Sai’s last rituals, they didn’t allow him.

Sai takes Savi to Satya’s house. Savi notices a board and stops at the door. Satya welcomes her. Savi shows board instructions that Chavans are prohibited from entering this house and says even she is a Chavan and not welcomed in this house. Satya says its a wrong board, he will correct it right now. He brings a marker. Sai walks in and tells Satya’s family that she knows they are upset with Bhavani and Virat’s drama, but wants to request them not to fix a board of prohibiting Chavans’ entry in this house as they can’t punish children for elders’ mistake; her daughter is also a Chavan and it would be difficult for her to live in this house; Amba as a mother understands that a child is most important for a mother and she can do anything for her daughter. She requests them not to repeat it again and leaves. Maddy provokes Amba that Sai gave her instructions within 24 hours of her entry. Amba says she will not let Sai order her.

Sonali notices Bhavani calling her party members home and asks who are they. Bhavani says she was so leniant towards Sai and requested her to stay at Chavan nivas as her daughter after Virat’s drama, but she went against her and married Satya; now she will go and bring Savi home and not let Sai separate them from their granddaughter. Ninad hears that and requests her not to do that as Sai has promised that she will not separate them from their granddaughter and he doesn’t Sai to suffer because of her anger. Bhavani says she will not let her granddaughter face even a slightest tension and will bring her back home safely. Ninad fails to convince her. Virat at his office vents out his frustration on a punching bag recalling all the recent events. Ninad calls him and informs that Bhavani has left home angrily with her party members to bring back Savi from Satya’s house.

Satya changes word prohibited to welcome and tells Savi that she is welcome in his house. He welcomes her in by showering flowers on her and shows her room. Sai asks Savi to thank Satya. Savi says thank you Satya uncle. Satya asks her not to call him uncle as he is not that old. Maddy and Girja walk in and introduce themselves. Aaji and Amba walk in next. Savi asks who are they. Satya introduces them and asks her to call Mamba as aaji. Amba warns Savi to dare not call her aaji. Savi recalls Bhavani behaving similarly, pinches Amba and says her elder aaji said same during their first meeting, if she is aaji’s sister. Amba walks away saying she doesn’t have any sister. Sai says its okay. Satya asks if they can go to hospital now. Sai asks Savi to take care of herself until she returns. Aaji asks her not to worry as they will take care of Savi. They all 3 take care of Savi and feed her grapes. Amba gets angry and asks if they want to work or not. Aaji says she can work today, they will enjoy with Savi. Amba says she is going to godown and leaves. Girija and Aaji follow her while Maddy stays back with Savi.

Bhavani with her party members barges into Satya’s house. Maddy fails to stop them. Savi gets happy seeing Bhavani. Bhavani pampers her and says lets go home as they are all missing her. Savi says aayi married Dr Satya, so she will stay here. Bhavani says let her aayi stay here, she should accompany her. Savi calls Sai. Sai with satya walks to them and asks Bhavani what is she doing here. Bhavai says she came here to take back Savi and warns her to pack Savi’s bags without any drama. Savi says she is enjoying the drama and asks her continue, says she will show her room. Sai sends her to her room. Bhavani says if Sai thinks she cannot take Savi along if she sends Savi to her room. Sai stops her and asks if she really thins she will let her take her daughter away from here, her daughter will stay with her.

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