Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 4th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Savi waits for Virat and Vinayak to come to her house. She holds the plate of pani puri in her hand and gets tempted to eat it. She thinks about having some of it while waiting for Virat and Vinayak. Meanwhile, at that time they reaches there and Savi gets elated upon seeing them. She meets them excitedly while Vinayak and Virat also becomes delighted. Virat questions about pani puri in Savi’s hand, to which she replies that Sai and Usha have prepared it and they will eat it together.

Here, Savi takes Virat and Vinayak inside the house and they all gets seated together. Everyone gets their plate of Pani puri, while Savi and Vinayak insists to have a competition in between them. They becomes excited and requests Sai and Virat to join them. Meanwhile, they both looks at each other and agrees to the kid’s request.

Savi along with Sai, Virat and Vinayak starts having the pani puri while Usha becomes the judge. Sai stops as she feels it to be spicy while Savi makes fun of her mother. Virat proclaims to finish the food before anyone else, while Sai and Virat recalls their past moment. They looks at one another and gets flashes of the time when Sai took him to the fair.

Elsewhere, Sai remembers being close to Virat as they went to the fair. They goes towards the pani puri stall and the latter decides to have a competition with Virat. She ask the vendor to keep serving them till one wins the competition. They starts eating while Virat feels spicy. Sai makes fun of him and then helps him when he starts coughing. She passes him the water, while he brings her closer to him.

Sai catches Virat’s lie and states that he should try for acting. He brings her closer to himself and becomes romantic, while she pushes him back and they spends a quality time together. Sai and Virat gets out of their flashback and stares at one another. Meanwhile, Virat finishes the pani puri before anyone else and wins the competition, as Usha announces him to be the winner.

Ahead, Pakhi keeps thinking about Virat and Vinayak. She becomes worried recalling Virat and Sai being together and thinks about reaching there as soon as possible. She gets irked by the meeting and tries to finish it soon. She ignores to read the contract and tells Mohit that everything is fine and agrees to invest in it. The latter gets shocked by her behavior and tries to advice her but she gets furious and fixes the deal.

Pakhi calls Vinayak and shows her concern while he assures that they have already eaten. She gets shocked while he tells about having fun with Savi and Sai. Meanwhile, Virat and Sai helps the kids to complete their project and everything gets completed. Whereas, Savi starts feeling ill and Virat looks after her. She lies on his arms and vomits. She apologises to him while he ask her not to worry and becomes concerned for her.

Further, Virat tries to cheer Savi while Bhavani and other family members waits for him to come back. They gets tensed while Bhavani says that she is disappointed with his behavior as he haven’t informed about his whereabouts. She compares Virat with Pakhi and tells that the latter have already informed about her whereabouts. She shows her anger towards Virat while Ashwini and Ninad looks at one another.

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