Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 5th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Virat and Sai comfort Savi when she cries after having excessive panipuri during competition and then throwing out on Virat. Sai takes her in to clean her. Virat cleans the mess. Vinayak asks what happened to Savi. Virat says Savi felt stomach upset after having pani puri, but he need not worry as Sai will treat Savi. Sai brings Savi back. Savi insists Virat to stay back with them tonight and asks why can’t he stay with her when all children’s fathers stay with them. Vinayak also requests Virat if they can stay at Savi’s house. Virat says they can’t. Vinayak insists he has to stay back to take care of his younger sister. Virat agrees.

Pakhi finishes her business meeting and tries to call Virat and Vinayak, but doesn’t find mobile network. She panics and rushes towards home. Mohit asks if she thinks its a wise decision to invest in this company. Pakhi says she thought well before investing and rushes into her car. Sai asks Virat why he is staying at her house when he clearly knows his wife’s fear and attitude. Virat says he just wants to spend time with his daughter; he already missed seeing her daughter’s first steps, hearing first word, etc, and can’t doesn’t want to miss further watching her growing. He says if she has problem with it, he will take Savi with him. Savi denies. Virat says then he will stay with Savi here tonight. He messages Pakhi that he is staying at Savi’s house tonight.

Savi shares her night dress with Vinu and jokes that brother is looking like a sister. Virat also jokes. Savi notices Virat’s T-shirt dirty. Sai asks him to give his T-shirt and let her wash it. Virat hestitates. Savi emotionally calling him baba asks him to give it. Virat melts down and gives his T-shirt to Sai and makes Savi and Vinu sleep singing a lullaby for them. Sai gets emotional seeing this. Pakhi speeds towards home. Mohit asks her to drive slowly. Pakhi repeatedly calls Virat and thinks why is he not picking call. They reach home. Pakhi asks Ashwini if Vinu and Virat returned home. Ashwini says no, we are all waiting for them. Pakhi notices Virat’s message that he is staying at Sai’s house and runs out of house. Ashwini asks where is she going. Mohit says she surely must have gone to Sai house as she was checking her phone whole day and looked nervously. Ashwini hopes Virat returns home soon.

Virat falls asleep next to kids. Sai drapes blanket over them and tries to leave. Virat holds her pallu and pulls her towards him. Sai asks what is he doing. He says whatever they had to do long ago. She asks what about Pakhi. Virat says Pakhi will accept truth, but they should realize the truth first that Sai is his true love and will always be. He gets intimate. Pakhi stops car and realizes it was her imagination. Karishma returns home fuming after fighting with her boyfriend. She notices Mohit and Sonali chatting and thinks fool Mohit must have informed about her affair to Sonali. Mohit walks to her and says she is still a part of his family and need not listen to their conversation hiding. Karishma asks what did he tell Sonali. He ignores her. She calls him Vikrant. He says at last she spoke out the name of a person she loves. Karishma nervously tries to change topic and asks what did he tell Sonali. Mohit says he was asking Sonali to prepare something for Karishma also and didn’t badmouth about her. Karishma stands nervous.

Pakhi barges into Sai’s house and asks where is her husband. Virat walks to her in vest. Pakhi in shock asks what is she doing shirtless with Sai. Virat says she is mistaken and tries to explain. Pakhi barges on him. Sai stops him and says there is nothing like she is thinking. Pakhi pushes her away and warns her to dare not eye on her husband and not take her lightly. Virat asks Sai if her hand is fine. Pakhi asks if he is not ashamed to get out of another woman’s room in front of his wife. Virat warns her to shut her mouth up and stop showing her filthy thinking. Pakhi shouts if he is accusing her. He drags her to room and showing her children sleeping asks if she still thinks he and Sai did something wrong.

Ninad feels concerned for Virat and hopes Pakhi doesn’t create any problem at Sai’s house. Ashwini says she doesn’t know what to say and feels bad for Pakhi. She says she even can’t see her son’s pain and don’t know whether to support her son or DIL. Pakhi asks Virat why is he without a T-shirt. Virat says Savi puked on her and hence Sai washed his T-shirt and hanged it to dry. Pakhi shouts all the problem is because of Savi. Virat says instead of asking how Savi is now, she is accusing her, and asks what kind of a mother she is.

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