Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 6th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pakhi continues to vent out her frustration and asks if Savi had to get ill now itself when she gone for factory visit. Virat asks what is she saying, what kind of a mother she is who is criticising a child instead of worrying about her. Pakhi asks if he is accusing her, he is not bothered about anyone else since Savi came in his life and forgot even Vinu, her life has gone worse with Savi’s entry. Sai warns her to dare not speak ill about her daughter standing in her house. Pakhi shouts her life is ruined because of Savi and she hates Savi. Virat warns her to dare not speak a word against his daughter or else he will not spare her. Vinu walks out and asks why they are speaking loudly. He sees Pakhi and asks what is she doing, if they are fighting. Virat says his mamma is a bit upset and says let us take his project and go home. They both walk out followed by Pakhi. Virat asks Vinu to sit in car’s front seat and drives car and makes Pakhi sit in backseat.

Sai fumes seeing Pakhi’s hatred towards Savi. Usha tries to calm her down and says she doesn’t know how Pakhi filled filth in her mind against Savi suddenly. Sai says its not a sudden, Pakhi was feeling slowly insecure, she knew it would happen one day, but didn’t know it would happen in her house and someone would hate her daughter so much. She says the way Pakhi was showing right on Virat, she knew what is going in her mind, and with everyone knowing that Savi is Virat’s daughter, they can’t even return to Kankauli. Usha cries Pakhi tried to raise hand on Sai and Virat on Pakhi, Virwhat will happen next. Sai says she doesn’t know.

Virat, Vinu, and Pakhi return. Ashwini asks why are they late. Vinu informs that Sai fell ill and vomited on Virat’s T-shirt. Ashwini gets worried for Savi and decides to visit her. Virat says she shouldn’t as Sai is a doctor and will take care of Savi. He sends Vinu up. Ashwini says she was worried seeing Pakhi upset and Virat staying back at Sai’s house. Pakhi says that is what she told him and starts crying. Virat walks away. Pakhi cries saying since Virat learnt that Savi is his daughter, he has ignored her completely and is concentrating only on Savi and Sai. Ashwini comforts Pakhi and thinks she needs to do something before Virat and Pakhi’s differences grow strong.

Pakhi notices Virat sleeping in Vinu’s room and thinks he is sleeping there to avoid her. She offer night dress to Virat. Virat ignores her and turns his back on her.
She wakes up in the morning and finds Virat already leaving for job. Virat reaches office and tries to talk to Sai. Sai says she doesn’t want to talk to him in their office; she doesn’t know why he agreed to work with her, but she agreed to give medical help to the officers and save their lives as she couldn’t save her Aaba during his medical emergency, its a tribute to her Aaba; she just wants to be professional at work without a personal life’s interference. Virat says he wants to… Sai says she is tired of hearing sorry from him and Pakhi repeatedly; she feels stuck in a swamp whenever she sees her daughter; she doesn’t want to interfere between husband and wife and called as a third person, she worked hard to earn a name for herself and doesn’t want to get entangled in his personal issues. She leaves for dispensary while Virat stands silently.

Vinu returns home with Virat from school. Ashwiini asks him about Savi’s condition. Vinu says she is fine now and finished Ashwini’s sent khichdi. Ashwini hides tiffin box seeing Pakhi coming. Pakhi questions Vinu about his project. Vinu says he got a gold star for the project. Savi also gets a gold star and informs Sai that school has organized picnic for both children and parents. Vinu tells Pakhi that now Savi, Sai, him, and his parents will ago go to a picnic. Savi tells Savi that picnic is on 8th December. Savi drops water glass hearing that and says she can’t meet Virat on 8th December or else Pakhi will create a new drama.

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