Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 7th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Savi asks Sai to get ready for their first picnic and says she doesn’t need any excuses. She reveals its on 8th December. Sai drops water glass in shock. Usha asks what happened. Vinayak informs family about pinic. Virat describes the games they will enjoy at picnic. Pakhi says she will learn kho kho and play with Vinu. Savi asks Sai to get pink dresses for them, Vinu, and Virat. Sai asks her to listen to her carefully without overreacting. Virat asks Vinu to go and prepare his bag for picnic and sends him away. He then tells Pakhi that she can’t attend pinic. Sai tells Savi that she can’t attend picnic as she as a training and will take her to water park and pizza party after returning from her course.

Pakhi asks Virat why can’t she attend picnic as its specially for kids and their parents. Virat says he wants to forget their fight last night and doesn’t want any other drama in front of other kids and their parents. Pakhi says he is creating and drama instead and asks why was he roaming without T-shirt in his ex-wife’s house. Bhavani asks if he really was. Virat says he removed his T-shirt as his daughter vomited on it, Pakhi shouldn’t have spoken about it in front of everyone. Their argument continues. Virat gets adamant that Pakhi will not attend picnic as he doesn’t want her filthy thinking and drama to continue over there. He walks away, leaving Pakhi speechless. Bhavani comforts Pakhi.

Sai tries to convince Savi, but Savi gets adamant. Sai says Savi can go with her brother and father as they are more important to her than Sai. Savi asks her not to say that and sadly says she will not go to picnic without her. Sai says they all 3 will enjoy a lot. Savi continues to look sad. Ninad scolds Virat her marital conflict with Pakhi and says if their problems come out of bed room, their relationship suffers. Virat says Pakhi started it all, she feels insecure and blamed Savi for the troubles between them, she created drama at Sai’s house seeing him without T-shirt instead of asking him first. Ashwini says he also did same drama before when he saw Ajinkya in Sai’s room when he had visited ill Sai. Virat recalls the incident. Ninad says they know Virat loved Sai and was feeling insecure then, even Pakhi loves him immensely and always accepted his deeds unconditionally; with Savi’s entry, he has 2 worlds, but Pakhi has only 1 world and her jealous and insecure feeling is obvious; why he can’t make Pakhi feel comfortable.

Usha informs Sai that Savi didn’t have her food and reminds how Kamal used to let Sai go on picnic and she used to pack Sai’s bags. Sai says picnic is no December 8th. Usha asks what is special on that date. Pakhi cries looking at her and Virat’s wedding pic. Virat holds her tears and tries to speak. Pakhi asks if he remembers when did he speak to her normally. Virat asks what does she mean. Pakhi says they were fighting in front of his parents, she had promised them to keep the family united, but she can’t handle her own relationship now; Virat doesn’t know what he did today, he insulted not only his wife but also Vinu’s mother by stopping him from attending picnic and gave her a label of bad mother and wife, etc.

Virat says she is right, he shouldn’t have done this to his life’s most important person. Pakhi asks if she heard right or he is talking about someone else. Virat asks her to stop taunting him and says she is the most important person in his life. Pakhi says if he had thought so, he wouldn’t have disobeyed her requests and let Vinu prepare project at their house, his words look like a curse to her and she knows Sai is the most important person in their lives. Virat asks how did Sai come in between them now. Pakhi says Sai never left their lives and she is more than an important person for him, whether he belives it or not. Virat says Sai is nothing more than his daughter’s mother. Pakhi asks him to choose between his daughter’s mother and her.

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