Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 8th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Pakhi asks Virat if he and Sai are riding a drowning boat, whom he will save. Virat says both out of humanity. Pakhi asks what if he can save only one. Virat promises to never let her drown. Pakhi asks him not to make promises which he can’t fulfill as he never fulfills his promises. Virat says thinking about his wife is also his responsibility and apologizes for not understanding her while she understood his family well. He says they never used to fight like this and he wants them to respect each other like they used to for years; whenever she gets a doubt, she should remember that Sai is no one to her, but she is important to Savi and Savi is important to him. Pakhi smiles. Virat asks her to prepare for tomorrow’s picnic and offers her water. Vinayak walks to him crying and informs that Savi is not attending picnic. Virat comforts him and says he will speak to doctor aunty.

Sai makes Savi sleep and apologizes her for not taking her on picnic. She gets Virat’s call, picks it, and asks if he wants to talk something about office. He says no. She says she doesn’t want to talk anything personal. He says its important and asks why Savi is not coming to picnic. Sai says she takes her daughter’s decisions. Virat asks what about his daughter. Sai says she has some personal work. Virat says he will take Savi along as Vinu is upset. Sai says he should handle his family and let her handle her family. Pakhi hears their conversation and tells Virat that she will manage Vinu, they will go on picnic some other day. Virat insists her to get ready for picnic. She feels happy.

Next morning, Virat gets ready for picnic and stands mesmerised seeing Pakhi ready in her old dress when they met for the first time. Pakhi says he can praise his wife and she won’t complain. Virat says she is looking beautiful like she was when they first met. She says thank you. He says one thing is missing and gives her camera. She feels more happy. Vinu walks in ready and says mamma is looking very beautiful, he will call her tai/elder sister. Pakhi asks what will he call his baba. Vinu says baba is looking boring as usual. Virat tickles him. Vinu says Savi is not picking his calls. Virat says Savi is not coming, but they all 3 are going and will enjoy. Virat asks without Savi? Pakhi and Virat cheer him up.

Sai prepares modak and snacks and decorates house for Savi’s birthday. She surprises Savi and wishes her happy birthday. savi asks if its her birthday=. Sai says yes and ows Savi ready in traditional Maharastrian attire. Vinu, Pakhi, and Virat walk down. Family praises Pakhi, Sonali wistles and says Pakhi is looking like a heroine today. Ashwini says she is looking like angel. Sonali taunts Virat that he looks like father of 2 kids and is taking them for picnic. Virat says its unfair that she is praising Pakhi and pulling his legs. Bhavani kisses Pakhi’s forehead and says she is very happy for them, they both should make their relationship more strong. Ninad tells Virat that he feels good seeing Virat following his advice and trying to set things right. Bhavani asks them to go now. They all 3 leave.

Savi tells Sai that she forgot its her birthday. Sai says she was wondering why Savi forgot 8th December, even Usha forgot it. Usha says she remembers birthday according to horoscope. Savi gets excited seeing her birthday cake. A clown walks in, leaving them surprised.

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