Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 9th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Sai asking Vinayak to wait. She says she has to talk with him. Savi asks why she is stopping Vinayak not her. Sai says it’s a surprise for you so wait outside. Everyone leaves. Vinayak asks Sai what surprise she is planning. Sai tells him whatever she is going to tell him is true. Outside, Pakhi spots Savi. She goes to Savi and asks where is Vinayak. Savi says he is in the classroom. Pakhi asks what’s he doing in class. Savi says my mom needs to talk to him. Pakhi is taken aback and asks if Sai is inside? Savi agrees and says Sai is here to teach them extra classes. Pakhi fears that Sai may tell truth to Vinayak. She runs inside. Virat comes there and notices Pakhi running inside. He asks Savi what happened. Savi tells him how Pakhi runs inside learning Vinayak is with her mom. Virat asks Savi to not go anywhere. He too goes inside.

Pakhi notices classroom is empty. She sees Virat and complains to him. Virat comforts her and they start to search for Vinayak. Vinayak asks Sai why have we come to the terrace. Sai says we can talk hear peacefully. Sai says I want to tell you about a miracle and that miracle is related to your and my life but before that, I want to show you something. Pakhi and Viraj search for Vinayak. Vinayak asks Sai, who is baby with you? Sai says it’s my photo with my son and he is Savi’s brother. Vianyak asks if Savi has another brother. Sai thinks Savi has only one brother. Sai asks Vinayak why he feels Savi is his sister and her as his mother.

Vinayak says he feels a connection with them. Pakhi and Virat search every classroom but they didn’t find them. Virat asks if she searched the terrace. Pakhi realizes she didn’t. They run upstairs. Sai is about to tell Vinayak that he is her baby. Pakhi comes there. She pushes Sai and asks if she told the truth to Vinayak. Pakhi asks Vinayak if Sai told him that she is not his doctor aunt but his mom? Vinayak gets shocked. The weather changes badly.

At home, Ashwini asks Karishma to close all doors as the weather is not good. Bhavani asks why Pakhi and Vinayak returned home. Ashwini says Pakhi said they are searching for Vinayak. Bhavani asks where he might went. Sonali says he may go to his mother’s house. Bhavani says Pakhi is his mother, not Sai. On another side, Pakhi asks Vinayak if she told him the truth that she is his mother. She asks if he leaves and goes to Sai after learning the truth. Pakhi asks Vinayak ‘will you leave me?’. Virat stops Pakhi and tells her she is hurting Vinayak. Pakhi requests Vinayak to not leave her and tells him that she can’t live without him. She hugs Vinayak in tears and asks him to tell her that he won’t leave her. Virat tries to comforts Pakhi but she doesn’t listen and breaks down in tears. Vinayak goes to Sai and asks if she is his biological mother? Sai says yes and hugs him. She says he is her baby.

Vinayak asks Virat if Sai is saying the truth. Virat says whatever Sai is saying is true. Pakhi asks Vinayak what will he do after learning the truth. She asks if he will leave her. Virat tells Pakhi that she is scaring Vinayak. She leaves Vinayak. Sai asks Vinayak to come to his mother opening her arms. Vinayak feels confused. He walks towards Sai. Pakhi collapses on the floor. Vinayak pushes Sai which shocks her.

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