Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Virat informs family that he had gone to Sai’s college to reverify Pulkit’s official document and found out that someone bribed college staff to change the document, its none other than his Omi/Omkar kaka. Bhavani thinks Sai couldn’t find out truth, but Omkar will blurt out whole truth, what shall she do now. Virat insists Omkar to tell why he did such a heinous act; if Vinayak had not clicked Omkar’s pic, he wouldn’t have believed it. Bhavani gets tensed thinking if Omkar will take her name. Ninad asks Omkar what is this. Sonali asks why did he bribe college staff to tamper Pulkit’s document. Bhavani yells that Omkar forgot that he is honest police officer Nagesh Chavan’s brother and IPS officer Virat Chavan’s brother, why did he do such a heinous act. Omkar (who himself is a small constable) says he didn’t want a servant’s sorry marry his niece. Bhavani signals at Ninad. Virat claps and says he cannot even think in his dream that he would stoop so low. Omkar tries to explain. Virat says now he will answer only his question and asks if he knew that Sai was right, Pulkit was not a betrayer, there is no woman named Sangeeta Deshpande; he was blindly trusting his family that he could trust Sai that one of family members wrote that letter. He asks who wrote it. Pakhi gets tensed that Virat will find out that she wrote that letter. Bhavani blames Omkar and asks to accept that he wrote that letter. He tries to speak, but seeing her signal accepts that he wrote that letter. Sonali says she is ashamed to be such a wrong man’s son. Mohit says baba was trying to teach her difference between wrong and right, but he himself is wrong. Shivani also feels ashamed of Omkar and asks him to go and apologize Sai and bring her back home. Ashwini says she still cannot believe that Omkar can do this, her daughter is suffering because of her and don’t know where she is now.

Sai in Gadchiroli cries reminiscing her Aaba’s love for her. She kisses Aaba’s pic and asks him to prepare her favorite modak and serve her. Pari offers her favorite modak which her mother Kusum prepared. Sai says she doesn’t w ant to. Usha asks her to taste Kusum’s prepared modak. Sai thanks Kusum mausi and says she doesn’t want to now, she will go out now to get away from Usha’s worries. Usha thinks if Virat found out truth or not.

Ashwini repeatedly questions Omkar why did he do that. Omkar says Devyani is his elder brother’s daughter and its his duty to look after her betterment in his brother’s absence. Virat says for one person’s betterment, he cannot ruin other’s lives; he instead tried to also ruin his own niece’s life. Ninad says Omkar did wrong, but Devi and Pulkit’s marriage happened even with his resistance. Sonali pleads Virat to forgive his kaka. Bhavani says Virat will not put his kaka in jail just for a small issue. Virat says he was about to arrest innocent Pulkit, warned Sai not to think about Devi and Pulkit’s marriage, and even kicked Sai out of house because of Omkar and says she is saying its just a small issue. Ashwini asks Omkar if Ninad didn’t know about this issue as both brothers never hide anything from each other. Ninad yells to stop taking revenge from him, Omkar didn’t inform him fearing he would stop him; asks Virat to explain Ashwini. Virat says Devi was very happy and even Pulkit, Pulkit takes care of Devi a lot; he has seen Devi smiling, but never happy like that; she doesn’t want to return to this house now.

Bhavani says she has seen the world changing; she tried to stop Pulkit and Devi’s marriage, so Pulkit will act as taking care of Devi, soon he will kill kick out Devi and leave her in sorrows. Ashwini asks why don’t she trust Virat that Pulkit is a good man and not a traitor; Sai repeatedly told same as she saw love for Devi in Pulkit’s eyes. Bhavani yells that even if Ashwini is a last person on earth, she will not take her advice; she is worried for her daughter, what if Pulkit makes Devi pregnant and ransacks her. Virat asks her to stop. Bhavani (waiting for her chance) asks Virat to think before stopping Bhavani as Devi was young and mentally stable earlier, but now has changed and if Pulkit stops loving her and ransacks her. Virat asks why she thinks its important to opine in everything; when he is saying he met them and saw them happy, why can’t she believe it; he calls her mature doesn’t mean he is immature and cannot difference between true and fake happiness. She apologizes him and says she shouldn’t interfere between family issues and opine. Ninad says she is elder bahu and has right to opine. Virat says that will not change truth, he will go to Gadchiroli to apologize Sai and bring her back home. Ashwini gets happy hearing that while Bhavani and her puppets get tensed.