Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 4th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Virat rushes to Sai seeing her dropping water glass and asks if she is fine, helps her clean the mess, and asks why she looks nervous. Sai says she came to call him as everyone are waiting for him. Pakhi asks if she came to call him or keep an eye on hm. Sai says she doesn’t eye on a person who is already eyed by someone. Virat asks what is she saying. Sai tells Pakhi that Virat is a very good person who always fulfills his promises, he promised her Aaba to take care of her and is following it, he will also fulfill promise made to Pakhi. Virat asks if he can know what and how much she heard as she seems to be mistaken. Sai says she is not mistaken, she knew this since before, but forgot it and truth will not change and like one truth is she will leave once he gets well. She tells Pakhi that she can keep Virat with him. Virat asks again to tell him what she heard as she misunderstood. Sai says she understood right. He asks her to come aside. She says she doesn’t want to hear any excuse, he should make an excuse to family instead as they are all waiting for him since long. Virat scolds Pakhi for spoiling whole function and says don’t know what Sai must be thinking. Pakhi says Sai must be thinking that he still loves me. Virat says like she thinks, he asks her to clearly understand that it better for them if they don’t talk about their past again. Pakhi yells why is he blaming her as he came behind her. He says she is right. She cries that why she is blamed and punished for the mistake which she doesn’t do. Virat says he is punished this time and don’t know what Sai heard. He says Sai will leave the house at any cost and he thinks this is the reason, but truth is Sai doesn’t love him and he doesn’t matter to her. He says Sai matters to him and he knows Sai is a good human and will never try to humiliate anyone, he will not trouble and humiliate Sai like Pakhi is doing; says its his niece birthday today and he came to call her like a family, but made a big mistake. He walks away. She stands crying thinking what did she do that she is bearing such a big punishment.

Virat holds Sai’s hand and pins her to a wall. Sai angrily asks him to leave her hand as its paining. He says even he is in pain and requests to listen to him once, she should tell what she heard as he is sure that what she heard and thinking is wrong. She says why he thinks she is thinking wrong, there is no need for explanation. He emotionally looks at her. she says she knows that he promised Pakhi and should fulfill it. He says she should answer his question, what is going in her mind that she is so much angry on him and not telling him. She thinks even she doesn’t know why she is angry and feeling bad when she knows Virat loves Pakhi. Virat thinks only Sai matters to him now. She says she doesn’t want to hear anything. He says he. Ashwini walks in to call them and seeing them together closes eyes and says she didn’t see anything, everyone are waiting for them. She then sees their serious faces and asks what happened, if Virat said something to Sai. Sai says she should ask her son what happened, he doesn’t care for her. Ashiwni asks Virat what did he do. Sai says she was so happy, he doesn’t care her and hence betrayed her. He says he just.. She says he doesn’t have to explain her. He says she has misunderstood. She says he did wrong and is blaming her. Ashwini asks her to tell what did he do. Sai says she asked him to bring Harini’s gift from car, but he didn’t. Ashwini says such a small issue and she created such a big drama, why didn’t Virat listen to Sai. Sai says he hurts her always and asks him to go where he has to be. Virat walks away saying he will bring Harini’s gift.

Harini eagerly waits to cut cake. Devi says she wants to have cake soon. Harini says even she. Devi signals her to poke her finger in cake and laughs. Bhavani also laughs. Omkar asks Ninad till when they have to bear this drama. Virat returns with Harini’s gift and says he knows cake is very tasty. Pulkit calls Virat to join them. Ashwini and Sonali ask Bhavani to join them as she is Harini’s grandmother. Sonali then asks Karishma to call Pakhi. Sai asks Devi to cut cake with Harini as its her birthday as a mother. Devi says Harini will feel bad. Harini says she will not and insists. Devi cuts cake with her and happily informs Bhavani that Harini cut cake with her. Harini feeds cake to Devi first and then Pulkit and Madhuri. Pulkit asks her to feed cake to Viru mamu. Virat asks her to feed it to nani first. Bhavani looks at Virat and eats cake. Harini then feeds cake to Virat and Sai. Sai clicks Harini and Mohit’s pic. Harini requests Sai to click a family pic to show it to her friends. Mohit clicks family selfie while Sai stands aside. Virat thinks he doesn’t know what is going in Sai’s mind.