Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th July 2020 Written Episode Written Update

AJ with a chair and threatens Guddan that he will kill him. Laxmi, Durga and Ganga panic and tell the goon to not harm AJ. The man tells Guddan that he will call and let her know what he wants from her. The man tells Guddan to not call the police, otherwise, he will kill AJ and disconnects the call. Saraswati gets happy knowing that Guddan is worried and plans to break her and AJ’s relationship.

On the other hand, Guddan gets worried for AJ and waits for the kidnapper’s call. Suddenly, she gets a call from the kidnapper and Saraswati who is on the conference call too enjoys herself. The kidnapper tells Guddan to send him 10 crore rupees immediately. Saraswati calls her goons and tells them that she has a new plan. Ganga calls Saraswati and tells her to tell the truth about AJ’s kidnapping.

Guddan video calls AJ and informs the kidnapper that her husband gets epilepsy attacks every two hours. She tells the kidnapper to give AJ medicines. Suddenly, AJ acts like he is getting an epilepsy attack, and Guddan tells him to untie AJ. Suddenly, AJ holds the kidnapper and asks him to reveal the name of his boss. The kidnapper hits AJ and the latter falls unconscious. Saraswati calls the goons and tells them to threaten Guddan. Saraswati gets a call from Guddan and she scolds her for kidnapping AJ. Saraswati tries to save herself and tells Guddan that Ganga is the mastermind behind everything. Guddan video calls Ganga and the latter accepts that she has kidnapped AJ.