Hamari Wali Good News 16th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Mukund and Adi not finding Renuka. They get sad. Adi checks the place. He says it means baby was with mummy, how can this happen, was Navya also here. Navya tries to free herself. Mukund slaps Ashraf. He asks how dare you do this. Ashraf says you are misunderstanding me. Adi says don’t lie, tell me, were they all here. Ashraf says Navya didn’t come here, Renuka and baby were here. Mukund asks why did you keep them caged here, answer me. Ashraf says I will tell everything, Renuka has hidden herself here. He tells about Sumitra. Adi thinks who took Renuka from here now. Navya cuts the ropes. Mukund comes home with Adi.

He asks Preeti to call Sumitra. Sumitra comes and asks what happened. Mukund says don’t touch me, I know you have done this. He asks where is Renuka, tell me, you have acted to find Renuka. She says I have done everything for this family. Mukund asks her to stop the drama. She says you always suspect me. Preeti asks do you mean to say that I have given poison to dad. Sumitra says no, anyone can do this, I was going to die, but Renuka got me here, it was better if I had died. Adi sees her drama. Mukund scolds her. He says you wanted to die, right, this was your dream, I will fulfill it. He catches her by neck and suffocates her. Everyone stops Mukund. Mukund shouts leave me, stop this drama. Sumitra cries and says I will end this game today. She takes water to make a sacrifice. Adi asks her what will happen if she gives her life. He asks how can you be sure that she did this. She thinks to divide Mukund and Adi.

She recalls Alok’s deed. Navya gets freed. She thinks to stay back and find out the truth. She acts to get tied up. Lallan gets Renuka there. Navya says it means Sumitra has done this, I have to find some way to save mum and Bharat. Lallan informs Sumitra. She gets tensed. Adi comes. He asks her to answer, why did she kidnap Renuka, how dare she do this. She says what could I do, we can’t succeed if Renuka is here, we will hide her until we succeed, Lallan will keep her well. She asks him to decide, whom will he choose. Lallan goes. Navya gets up and hugs Bharat. She asks Renuka to wake up. She pours water on Renuka. Renuka gets conscious. She asks Navya to just take the baby and hide. Navya hides the baby. Inspector scolds Ashraf. Mukund says Ashraf didn’t do anything, Renuka made a video call to me. Navya thinks who else is involved in this. Adi says Renuka shouldn’t know about me, she will be hurt. Lallan says she is not conscious, don’t worry. He recalls choosing himself, saying I love myself more than my mum. Navya gets shocked seeing Adi.