Hamari Wali Good News 18th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Preeti says Adi, don’t pretend that you aren’t affected, you may stay silent, at least I can convey what I feel. She argues with them. Navya asks her to stop it. She says I will not apologize to Renuka, I took Renuk to hospital out of concern, but then I changed my mind, I fell in Alok’s eyes because of you all, what shall I tell everyone. She asks Renuka if she isn’t ashamed to have a child in this age. Mukund raises hand and shouts.

He says Renuka’s child is mine, she didn’t do any sin, I m also responsible for it, no one will say anything wrong about this baby, I m ashamed of you, you made a mistake, go and apologize to Renuka. He says I felt strange to know that I m becoming a dad, but I never felt ashamed, I know that no human has a right to end a life. Navya and Renuka smile. Mukund says this baby will come in the world for sure. Sumitra looks on. Mukund says I will take responsibility of this child. He asks everyone to hear it carefully, if anyone tries to harm the baby, then that person will be his biggest enemy. Renuka happily cries. Mukund says its okay if you understood this, I will see how anyone speaks wrong about the baby.

Indu says I think Mukund has forgiven Renuka. Mukund says no, I didn’t forgive anyone, things will be same, I took the baby’s responsibility, the house decision doesn’t matter. He throws away the partition line. He says it doesn’t matter, the partition of our hearts can never get away. Renuka makes halwa for Mukund. She says I will keep trying. Navya asks her to take care and have vitamins and proteins on time. She asks why didn’t you tell anything to Preeti. Renuka says she isn’t bad at heart, she would be doing it because of Alok, maybe she did wrong but Mukund has taken baby’s responsibility, we got to know what’s in his heart, this baby has showed me a way to go to my husband. Paas aaye….plays… She waits for Mukund. He comes. She says you told everyone that you will take baby’s responsibility, you have to fulfill it. She sits talking to her baby. She says everything will be fine once you come here. She tells baby about Mukund. She reminds Mukund about her first pregnancy, how she broke the good news to him. She says your dad will love you a lot. She gives him the halwa. He returns the halwa and says I had ended our relation, don’t expect me to revive the relation again.

Renuka recalls their happiness in the past. Mukund sleeps. Sumitra says Mukund can get back to Renuka because of baby. She says I have to make Mukund fall for someone else to forget this baby. Its morning, Adi says I have many issues, I can’t see you going for work every morning, you are working alone to run this house, I m sitting at home, I feel suffocated. Navya gets Rupesh’s message. She thinks to talk to Adi about the new job. Adi asks shall we go on lunch after school. She says there is teachers’ meeting after school, we will go on weekend. He says fine, madam is busy, you go. Sumitra interviews some women.