Hamari Wali Good News 20th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Adi saying dad, don’t worry, mum and baby are safe with me. recalling everything that happened. Mukund gets sad. He sees the temple and prays for Renuka. He recalls her. He says she needs our help. Navya sends a message to him. He gets the location on his phone. Navya hugs the baby and cries. Mukund stops the police. He says I know where is Renuka, come with me. Sumitra says how can he find Renuka. She goes to her room and calls Lallan. Adi and Lallan look for Navya. Navya hides from them. Adi asks her to come out.

He shouts her name. Mukund comes there with the police. The baby starts crying. Adi hears the baby’s cry. He goes to find the baby. Mukund worries. Adi doesn’t see the baby and Navya. He asks Lallan to find them. Navya hugs the baby. Mukund says its a gas cylinder factory, they kept Renuka here. He shouts Renuka. Inspector stops him and says we have to make planning to go in, we don’t know how many people are inside. Lallan says Navya isn’t here.

Adi says switch off the lights, Kabir will cry. Lallan switches off the lights. Adi asks Navya to come out. Navya tries to run away. The cylinder falls down and leaks. Adi catches Navya. He asks Lallan to switch on the lights. Lallan goes to switch on the light. Mukund and police are outside. Lallan lights a matchstick. The place explodes. Mukund and the police get shocked. Mukund shouts Renu. Adi and Navya see Lallan fallen down. Navya says Renuka…

Inspector asks Mukund to calm down. Mukund sees Navya and baby coming out of the fire. Lallan gets up. Adi sees Renuka fallen. He asks Lallan to put off the fire. Mukund sees Navya. He asks how are you and baby. She says I m fine, Renuka is inside. Mukund gets shocked seeing another blast. Adi says I won’t leave mummy alone. Navya says Renuka is with Adi. Mukund asks what do you mean. Navya says Adi is behind all this.