Hamari Wali Good News 26th January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sumitra reminding Mukund that he has done Renuka’s Shraddh. Renuka asks him to have prasad. Mukund throws things in anger. Renuka asks him what is he doing. He hurts his hand and says I m punishing myself for doing the Anushtaan with him, I did it as baby’s father. He asks Renuka not to come in between. Navya comes. She asks why are you hurting yourself. She asks Sumitra to stop Mukund, when she calls herself a mum. Sumitra asks Mukund to stop it. She says they think I have made you do all this. Renuka cries. Vrinda comes and does the aid to his hand. Navya takes Renuka with her. Sumitra smiles.

Renuka sits crying. She says why is Mukund hurting himself. Navya says Mukund will be with you, you can’t lose hope, its a start of your win, he has taken baby’s responsibility, he will soon see Sumitra’s truth, don’t lose courage. Sumitra tears the girl’s pic. She says we won’t get anyone better than Vrinda. Mukund sees Renuka walking on the road. He goes to give her lift. He says I will take you to the hospital. She refuses. She says I don’t want you to add up father’s pain than happiness, you think the baby or I liked it. He insists her to come. Navya takes Renuka in his car. Indu says don’t anything, very soon Mukund will be with Vrinda. She goes to Vrinda and asks her to make sweets. Navya comes.

Indu says marriage is going to happen in this house. Navya says whose. Sumitra comes and feeds laddoo in Indu’s mouth. She says why are you asking Navya, I can get anyone married. She takes Indu with her and fixes tape to her mouth. She asks her not to tell anything to Navya. Mukund and Renuka reach the hospital. A bike passes by. Dirty water falls over Mukund. Renuka cleans Mukund’s face and asks him not to refuse now. Adi comes home and looks for Navya. He says I have to earn money and then hide it. He thinks where to keep the money. Navya comes and asks what happened, why are you behaving like I caught you. He asks her why is she saying such. He asks her to go. Someone takes a jewellery box from Sumitra’s cupboard and takes it to hide in Adi’s room. Adi and Navya are sleeping. Its morning, Sumitra shouts and says my gold jewellery is stolen. Mukund asks what. Sumitra looks at Renuka.