Hamari Wali Good News 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Navya calling Mukund and telling about the baby. He gets shocked. He says I will come there, wait. Renuka asks where are you going. He says nowhere, Navya called and said I have to sign some papers, I will just come, don’t go anywhere, stay here. She asks is everything fine. He says yes. He learns that baby is missing. He shouts on the hospital staff. Renuka tries to get up. She goes out and sees Sumitra with the baby. Sumitra gets the baby and gives to Renuka. Renuka hugs the baby and cries.

Renuka asks how dare you touch my baby, I want to keep baby away from your shadow. Sumitra says baby stays safe in mother’s lap, don’t make the baby away. Renuka comes home with the baby. Everyone welcomes the baby and does the aarti. Renuka puts the baby in the cradle and blesses him. Navya gets emotional. Mukund asks Renuka to come and take rest.

Renuka gets worried and shouts fire. She takes the baby from the cradle. Mukund asks what happened, where is the fire, there is no fire. He asks Renuka to take baby and come. Sumitra smiles. He takes Renuka with him. Renuka says Navya will be a good mum, I m not worried. He says you did a lot for your children, we will try that the baby doesn’t become Adi. They hug.

Mukund asks Navya to prepare for the rasam. Sumitra tells a mahurat. He stays upset with her. Renuka comes for the rasam and feeds the baby. The baby cries a lot. Sumitra asks what happened, feed the baby. Renuka says I m not able to feed the baby. The lady says maybe its because of Renuka’s age. Sumitra says its fine, we can feed baby with bottle. The lady says Bua feeds the baby with bottle first. Sumitra says fine, I will go. Sumitra recalls her insult. She thinks I will control your baby and get him out of your control. The lady says baby is looking like Mukund. Sumitra bottle feeds the baby. Navya stops Sumitra and takes the baby. Renuka says baby is hungry. Navya says baby will be with me. Renuka says he is hungry, give him to Sumitra. Navya refuses.

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