Hamari Wali Good News 2nd August 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Mukund asking Renuka to show her face. Meera says she can’t remove her ghunghat in front of strangers, we have to keep her dignity. He says fine, Navya and Akki are women, they can see her face. Navya says yes, he is right. Akki and Navya ask Ganga to show her face. Renuka refuses. Meera says I don’t find this behavior right. Mukund asks her to calm down. The light goes. Someone comes there. Renuka goes away and sits. Mukund says its Sumitra’s plan, I m telling you, I will find out who is this woman. Servant says the transformer has blown. Mukund goes to check. Meera asks him to stop.

Mukund checks the fuse of the house. He checks and says fuse is right, how did lights go. Servant says it will take time to fix the transformer. Meera argues with Mukund. Navya and Adi say you don’t know Sumitra, she can do anything. Akki says yes, she used to keep Adi and me as slaves. Adi says don’t make a mistake to underestimate her. Mukund says Sumitra ruined my family, I have to find out, who is this ghunghatwali.

Sumitra talks to the servant. She laughs and says Mukund wanted to see Renuka’s face, I will show her face when time comes. She pays money to the man. Meera says sorry Ganga, you had to go through this. She says I have seen Ganga’s face, she is helpless, I insisted and got her here. She asks them to see Ganga’s face, then she won’t show her face to anyone else. She says my family doesn’t trust me. Renuka lifts the veil. Mukund stops her. He says I completely trust Meera, I know you won’t break my trust ever. Meera says I won’t let your trust break. Sumitra asks the servant to inform her everything, none should know the ghunghatwali’s secret, just Meera knows about Renuka.

Mukund says Sumitra is planning something big, we don’t know anything about it. Adi asks why did you refuse to see that ghunghatwali’s face, we know Sumitra is playing a big game with Meera. Meera talks to Renuka. Mukund says we have to keep our eyes open, fine if ghunghatwali is saying the truth, else someone here is supporting Sumitra, we have to catch him, then I will find out the truth. Akki says don’t worry, I will keep an eye on ghunghatwali. Renuka says you wanted me to see that everyone believes you, Mukund didn’t show faith on me before, like he showed on you, why did you get me here. Meera says I m married to Mukund, I will keep all the vows and support him, I won’t break his promise, I can sacrifice my marriage for it, my name is Meera, Meera’s fate is to lose her love, you are Mukund’s first wife, you have the first right on him, I will keep my promise to make him keep promise, he thinks its Sumitra’s plan, he doesn’t know that you are really alive, I have seen you, you are his first love, when he knows that you are alive, he will have to choose one of us. Renuka says I can’t live with him, I m going. Meera says you promised to stay here, you are there in everyone’s heart.

Ritvik says it will take time for lights to get restored. Navya says what’s happening here, if Mukund has seen Sumitra, then I m afraid she will hurt us, what will we do. He says don’t worry, we all will fight her, we are together this time, we should believe Meera, why would she lie. Lights get on. They see Meera and Renuka coming from the storeroom. Navya says Meera is hiding something from us. Mukund asks what are you doing. Meera says you aren’t well, you will get AC directly, you can sleep here on the sofa. He asks why are you behaving like this, what happened. She says nothing, I want to keep AC on to get a sleep. He says no need. She says you sleep without AC, I will go to guest room. He asks what happened, are you upset with me, because of that woman’s matter, sorry, don’t go out. Renuka looks on and hurts her hand in anger. He hears some sound and asks what happened. Meera says I will go and see. She sees Renuka there.