Hamari Wali Good News 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Navya scolding Adi and making him leave the house. She consoles Renuka. She says you are worried for Adi, you may give him a chance, but I can’t, I was his wife. Mukund and Preeti say Navya is right, Adi has done wrong with Navya. Renuka says I m thinking about Navya, not Adi, its hard for a woman to raise a child alone, its true that its not easy, a kid wants his dad’s love. Navya says I know, I can handle it alone. Mukund says we are also with you. Renuka says you also need a life partner, if Adi has moved on, then you also have to forget Adi and move on. Navya goes. Preeti asks how can you say that. Renuka says Navya has a life ahead, how will she stay alone. Mukund says Renuka is right.

Sumitra says Brahma ji will come to write the baby’s fate. She explains the ritual to everyone. The family sits in puja. Pandit gives the alphabet Bha for the baby’s name. Everyone suggests some names. Mukund asks Navya to tell them some name. Navya thinks and says Bharat. Mukund and Renuka like the name. They write Bharat Tiwari in the kumkum plate. Renuka removes Tiwari. Renuka asks why did you do this. Navya says I did this intentionally, if I get remarried, then my surname won’t be Tiwari, Navya name is enough for baby. Sumitra says yes, she is right, but how will your family go ahead, Adi has left, now there is no heir. Renuka writes Tiwari again. She says you are our daughter, Navya Tiwari. Navya says I won’t be Tiwari when I get married to someone else. She goes.

Renuka gets the cloth napkins for the baby. Navya suggests diapers. Renuka says diapers cause rashes. Navya says I have ordered cream and powder, I got these diapers for baby’s comfort. Renuka says fine, as you say, use the cloth napkins if there are rashes. Navya says done.

Adi and Akki come to stay in front of the house. Mukund scolds them and asks them to leave. Renuka says we are not related to them, better leave from here. Adi says I can stay anywhere I want, who are you to stop me, we are shifting on rent to Gautam’s place, I m in front of the house to keep an eye on you, just Akki is supporting me. Renuka scolds him. Its night. Mukund comes out of the house. He says I m worried for the baby, I have to protect the baby from Adi, does Navya know all this. She says no, she will know it tomorrow. Mukund says I will speak to lawyer and remove baby’s name from the will. He goes to see someone.

Navya talks to baby. Renuka gets some Ajwain smoke for baby’s good health. Navya says baby will wake up, make this good. She says its good for the baby. Navya says I can’t tolerate this, take it away. Sumitra says I will get my rule and respect back. Mukund says I have made papers to change the will, then the baby won’t have any threat from Adi. Renuka prays for Navya’s happiness.

Sumitra says baby’s fate will be written today, baby is crying, he may have caught up bad sight. Renuka says just see the baby, I will just come. Sumitra goes to the baby. Renuka comes back to call her. Baby gets calm. Adi comes home secretly. Renuka sees the baby gone. She asks Mukund to see, baby is missing. She says you have hidden baby from Adi, right, good, tell me, where is the baby. Mukund asks how will I hide the baby. She says who took the baby. Adi asks Akki about the baby. Akki says you were there. Adi says baby wasn’t there when I went, it means you have taken the baby. Akki says baby isn’t with me. He says where can the baby go. Renuka prays for the baby. She cries. Mukund asks her to come to senses.

She gets Adi’s shirt’s button and recalls his words. She says I know where is my baby. She goes to Gautam’s house and knock the door, calling out Adi. She asks Adi about the baby. She warns Akki not to talk between them. Adi refuses to know about the baby. He asks why would I do this, think. Renuka says you did this for the sake of money. Adi asks how can you blame me. She shows the shirt button and asks what was this doing there. Adi says baby wasn’t in the cradle when I went there. Renuka raises hand. Akki stops her and asks Renuka to call the police. She asks where is Navya. Sumitra says Navya isn’t at home.

Adi says Navya is the culprit, you did all this, you don’t want me to stay here, I will call the police and send you all to the police. Mukund calls Navya. Renuka cries and asks where is Preeti. Alok says she took the kids to meet my parents. Renuka asks where is the stuff they had shopped. Alok gets the bags. Mukund says its empty bags. Alok asks how can this happen. Mukund says I will go and find Navya. Alok also goes. Mukund and Alok go to look for Navya. They don’t get any info. Alok says Navya got a chance to flee with the baby. Renuka asks Mukund to get her baby. Mukund says I trust Navya, Sumitra has done this, whom we have kept at home. He sees Sumitra and says we all doubted Navya, not Sumitra, she is good in plotting such things, I think she did wrong with Navya also.