Hamari Wali Good News 5th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Mukund doubting Sumitra. He blames her. She says I have changed, I can never do this. He says you are lying, you have kidnapped the baby, Adi and Navya can never kidnap the baby. Renuka begs Sumitra to tell them about the baby. Sumitra says I have left the wrong path, stop it now, I swear that I didn’t kidnap the baby. She keeps her hand on the diya and prays. She acts in front of them.

Renuka says move your hand away, no one is blaming you. Sumitra signs Alok. Renuka cries for her baby. Alok acts to pray for the baby. He throws the baby down. Renuka gets shocked reading Navya’s letter. Navya writes I don’t need anyone to raise my baby, I promise we will be happy together, forgive me if possible. Mukund also checks. They say its Navya’s hand writing, the letter came to us, Navya has taken the baby. Sumitra packs her bags. She says thanks for keeping me, I wish you get your baby soon. Renuka asks her not to leave her, when she needs her more. She says call me when the baby comes back.

Mukund says Navya can never harm the baby. Renuka says yes, I know, but a baby needs a mother, I didn’t know she will take this step, we know she has the baby, we have to do what we should do, we have to take a step against her and file a police complaint. They go to the police station and file complaint against Navya. Alok asks where did you hide the baby. Sumitra asks do you think I will tell you. Alok says we are crime partners. She says don’t cross your limits. He thinks this woman is clever, she has to tell me, she can’t handle the baby alone. Mukund says I also care for the baby. Inspector asks them to go home, police will do their work. Inspector comes home. Police checks Navya’s room.

Mukund asks how can you do this with Navya. Renuka says I have given baby to Navya before birth, the baby is preborn, baby needs mother’s feed, I can’t forgive Navya for this. Alok goes to meet Navya. She is tied up. She asks why did you trap me, leave me. Alok and Sumitra smile. Renuka gets the will powers for Mukund. He says I had told you I will sign it later. She says sign it now. He says you know our baby can fall in big trouble. She says baby is still in trouble, the money is a problem, who knows Navya took the baby for money. He asks what. She says sign it, else I will think you are ready to sacrifice the baby for money.