Hamari Wali Good News 6th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Renuka insisting Mukund to sign the papers. He signs the new will. Alok meets Adi and Akki. He says Mukund has signed the new will, we have to wait for Sumuitra’s plans, good thing is Navya is blamed, we will handle her. He tells the plan. Renuka asks Sumitra to take the file and sign as the witness. Sumitra asks how can I do this, I have nothing to do with the will. Renuka says elders can do anything for children, sign the papers fast. Sumitra makes excuses. She says sign the papers, I will keep it in the locker, Mukund will legalize it by notary, my baby’s future will be secured. Sumitra signs the papers. She says I won’t let my hardwork fail. She goes to storeroom. She sees the baby and talks. She makes the baby cry. Renuka goes to talk to Mukund.

He says you think we will succeed in our plan, we may get caught in our own plan. Renuka says I know it, they will make some mistake because of greed, I think its Adi, Akki or Sumitra’s plan. Mukund says Sumitra. Sumitra says you are the key for the treasure. Renuka says I m sure Navya can’t do this, I don’t trust Sumitra, I also think she is behind this. Sumitra gets a call. She speaks to Alok. She leaves the baby there. Renuka says we have to strike back and win. Sumitra meets Alok. She says we are in danger until baby is with us, Renuka is very clever, she will not sit quiet. She gives baby’s kada to Alok. Alok asks her not to worry, her work will be done. Police comes home. Mukund asks for Navya and baby. Inspector says we got a mum and child’s dead bodies, description is same as you told us. Mukund gets shocked. Inspector asks him to come and identify the body. Sumitra says I will call Renuka. Mukund says no, I will talk to her. Mukund goes with the police. Sumitra calls Adi and asks him to get ready. Adi takes a disguise. He calls Sumitra and says yes, I m outside, open the door fast. Sumitra opens the door and asks did anyone identify you, come with me. He says no. She asks him to take the baby. He asks did anyone not know. She says talk later, take the baby, he won’t cry. She asks him to just take the baby and leave. Mukund comes back home. Adi worries. He gives the baby to Sumitra. She puts the baby in a tub and hides. Mukund sees Adi.