Hamari Wali Good News 6th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Preeti asking what are you saying. Adi asks how did this happen. Mukund says I m telling what the doctor said, Renuka’s kidney operation has to happen soon, but she has to abort this baby. Renuka says this won’t happen, come with me and talk. They go. Preeti gets angry on Navya. Navya says I will make snacks for everyone, don’t worry. Preeti asks what happened to Navya, did she go mad. Adi says Navya has gone in denial, when she hears anyone shocking, she doesn’t accept it. Renuka shows the baby clothes to Mukund. Mukund says its imp to abort this child, your kidney isn’t functioning. Preeti cries for Renuka. Alok thinks who will give the kidney to Renuka, what about the baby. Adi goes to Navya and asks her to control herself, Renuka needs a kidney, that’s the truth, they have to find a solution for this. She cries and hugs him.

Renuka asks how did this kidney matter come in between, did you sleep well at night and have food, doctor told me that there are some complications, I m fine, nothing will happen to me. He says I love this baby but I love you more, I will die without you. She stops him. They hug.

Adi tries to find a donor. Alok comes and says you can give your kidney than begging to others, she is your mum, its your duty, you are finding a donor like a coward, you were the first to ask for property. Adi says donor and patient’s blood group should be same, but my blood group is different, Preeti’s blood group matches, she should talk about giving the kidney. Alok says she has two children, I can’t take risk with her life. He says you have no child, how will you know about children. Navya looks on. Alok says why will anyone give a kidney for free. Adi scolds him.

Renuka cries and says I won’t let this happen, do something to find a cure for my illness and save the baby, I won’t get this abortion done. She goes. Mukund gets a call. Doctor says we aren’t getting any donor, your family member can donate the kidney, then we can save Renuka’s life and her baby. Navya scolds Adi and Alok. Adi says I m not arguing for property, I was finding a donor for Renuka, just Preeti is the option, Alok is greedy. Navya says no need to do anything, maybe Renuka made me her daughter for this day, my blood group matches with her, I will give her the kidney. Renuka says I don’t want any operation done, I m sure that there will be some way. Renuka and Mukund go to a Dargah. Bhardo Jholi…plays… They pray and make a mannat. Adi and Navya search on net and try to help some help for Renuka. Navya calls Mukund and says we can save Renuka and the baby, its a good news. He smiles and says your belief has won, our prayer got answered. He says I have never believed in Lord, today I believe in him, you and your baby will get saved, you don’t need to abort the baby. She asks is the baby in any harm. He says no, Navya has agreed to give her kidney to you. She says no, I can’t do this, she is a young girl, I can’t take her organ. Mukund says the baby will be lucky to have two mums, Navya and you. Renuka asks are you ready to accept what I promised. He says you have to say yes for this operation. Baba encourages them and asks them not to think much, just do their duty, leave everything on Lord. He goes.

Mukund and Renuka come home. Renuka says I can’t be selfish to take your kidney. Navya asks can’t I help you, if you didn’t save my life, then I would have not shown my face to anyone, don’t blame your fate. Renuka says I m thankful to Lord that I got you as my daughter. She hugs Navya.

Mukund sees Adi. Adi asks why are you so worried. Mukund hugs him. Adi says be strong. He says tell me if there is anything, I will change the abortion decision. Adi says chances are in our favor, so we have chosen this way, you have to be strong, you know mum is stubborn, she won’t say yes if she sees you like this. Alok thinks what’s happening, they are bonding well. Renuka prays. O palan haare….plays… Navya comes and prays. She does tilak to Renuka. Alok brainwashes Adi against Mukund. He says you won’t get anything from dad. Adi goes to Navya and thanks her. Renuka asks Mukund to have food on time. Navya says promise me, I will get old Adi back when I return from the hospital. Adi promises. They smile. Renuka asks Mukund to have faith. He says I do have faith, but I will be worried until you come back. She hugs him. He takes Renuka with him.

Renuka and Navya reach the hospital. Doctor asks Mukund and Adi to sign the NOC form and submit it. Mukund and Adi get thinking. They start arguing. Adi says I had burnt the shop for the right reason. Mukund says we will talk about it later. Adi says sorry, we will talk now, you didn’t do anything that I trust you, Navya and I took this decision for Renuka’s sake. Mukund ask what do you want. Adi says you have to give in written that this baby will be Navya and mine. Nurse says Renuka has become famous, every doctor is trying to know about this case,. Renuka says its my faith. Nurse says just one operation got successful till now, there is risk of saving mother. Renuka worries. Adi asks Mukund to sign the legal document and calm his heart. Mukund is shocked.