Hamari Wali Good News 7th December 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Navya signing Adi to keep quiet. Adi asks Alok to leave. He asks Navya to get in. He hugs her. He asks what are you doing here. She tells everything to him. He says come with me. She says for my sake, just listen to me. Sumitra says Navya has gone to do social work, she is a teacher, she will help others first. Alok says Navya did good to leave, because I have threatened her. He goes. Sumitra says its fine if Navya isn’t here, Preeti will do the rasam. Preeti agrees. Alok asks Lallan to handle the work. Renuka looks for Navya. She says where is Navya, even Adi isn’t here, I feel something is wrong. Lallan worries. She asks Ashraf did you see Adi. He says no. Lallan goes. Renuka calls Adi. She hears the baraat coming. She calls the inspector. Inspector says this marriage won’t happen, you don’t worry. Mukund sees Renuka and says why didn’t Renuka wear the saree I gifted. Renuka asks Lallan to send Navya to her when she comes. Lallan says sure. She asks him to go. Renuka turns and sees Mukund. Adi comes to her. He says I need to talk about Navya, come with me. Renuka goes.

Indu welcomes Sanjay and his family. Anchal is brought there. Adi asks Anchal not to worry, they will not let her marriage happen. Sanjay smiles seeing Anchal. They sit in the mandap. The police commissioner comes as guest from Sanjay’s side. Sanjay’s mum welcomes him. She says commissioner is just Sanjay’s elder brother. Mukund welcomes the commissioner. Sanjay and Anchal exchange garlands. Renuka says don’t worry, where is the police, what will we do if they don’t come on time. Pandit asks Sanjay to take the wedding rounds.

Adi and Navya come there in disguise of Rajasthani entertainers. He says we have come here for your entertainment. Everyone smiles. Adi asks Navya does she know who is the groom. Navya says anyone can say about him. She says we will entertain them well. Sumitra says mahurat is passing off, go from here. Navya says we came for your happiness. Sumitra says fine, you can dance, take money and leave. Navya greets her. Adi plays music. Navya sings and dances on Ghagra song. Mukund asks why are you worried, is everything fine. Renuka says I need to talk, come. Sumitra looks on.

Mukund asks what happened to you, you look so upset, tell me. Renuka says you trust me right. He says yes, I do. She asks are you with me and Navya. He asks where is Navya, I was told that she went to donate blood. She says no, she is at home. He asks what do you mean. She says Sumitra kidnapped Navya and shut her in the storeroom. He gets shocked. He says she got mad, why would Sumitra kidnap Navya. He goes to check the storeroom. He doesn’t see Navya. He says maybe she is mistaken, Sumitra can’t do this, where did Navya go. Alok thinks Adi and Navya are these banjaras. He takes Sanjay and Anchal to the mandap. He shouts stop all this. Mukund comes. Alok says stop it now, take the money and leave.

Adi says our program just started. Navya asks Sumitra to explain Alok, they have to sing for bidaai also. Alok says mahurat is passing off. He calls security. Adi shouts don’t touch my wife. Sumitra asks Mukund to see them. Mukund says you got the reward, you go now, let the marriage happen. Renuka calls inspector and says rounds will be commencing now, where are you. Inspector says I m on the way. The wedding rounds start. Inspector comes and stops the marriage. She greets commissioner. She says sorry Sir, I have to stop the marriage, the girl’s family is cheated here. Mukund asks what are you saying, who has called you. Sumitra says you don’t have any respect for us. Commissioner says I personally know their family, you should have informed me before taking action, go from here. Renuka worries. The rounds proceed.