Hamari Wali Good News 8th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Meera asking Adi what is he doing with her phone. Adi lies that he just came to talk about Akki. He says I want to make my relation with dad better, he is angry with me these days. She says fine, I will give this phone, I know Mukund will not take my phone. She asks him to leave. Navya and Meera get Akki’s check up done. They go out with the doctor. Doctor says I took the sample, I will do the test and inform you, you can take the reports from the clinic. Devika collides with him. The blood samples fall down. She picks the bottle and asks why are you getting Akki’s blood test done, what’s going on Meera, why didn’t you tell me if doctor was here. She asks the doctor to tell her, what’s wrong. Meera signs no. Doctor says she just had acidity, relax, I gave her medicines. Devika goes.

Meera comes to her room. Mukund says a parcel came for you. She asks him to give it. He says tell me, what is it. She takes him from him. She asks who asked you to get my parcel, its personal, I can’t tell you everything. He says I know the meaning, I made a mistake to get it here. He leaves. She gets a book in the parcel. She reads how to make someone cope up with the partner’s loss. She says I will get an idea now.

She comes to Ritvik and Navya. She says its about friendship, not romance. Navya asks how did you get a thought of all this, is it about friendship or something else. Meera says marriage has happened, so we have to keep the relation, Mukund is a nice person, I m trying to befriend him, Navya focus, suggest me something. She says we should recreate a special moment. Navya asks her to make coffee for Mukund. Meera sets the coffee date. Mukund comes there and sees the arrangements. She says I have done this to thank you. He recalls Renuka.

He says I don’t want to have coffee, its time to sleep, you have made the coffee with hardwork, so I will have it. She asks him to sit. He doubts seeing her act sweet. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He says I was thinking which avatar of yours will I see today. She asks will you be my friend. She says I know no one can take Renuka’s place in your life, I don’t want to take her place, but make my own place, we can be friends and spend the life together, I just want friendship, nothing else. Mukund smiles and shakes hands with her. They have coffee. Ritvik says Irish coffee isn’t made without whiskey. Navya says God knows what will happen if Mukund gets intoxicated.