Hamari Wali Good News 9th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Mukund and Meera getting high after having the Irish coffee. They both have a friendly talk and praise each other. They smile. Tum se hi…plays… He removes her hair clip and loosens her hair. She says I look good in loose hair, right. He says you did right to have this friendship, I believe that when you become someone’s friend, then you shouldn’t break their trust, one shouldn’t cheat in friendship, think and tell, if you will befriend me. She says your trust won’t break, our friendship won’t break. He asks her to promise.

Ritvik gets Navya for the coffee date. She asks is there whiskey in this coffee. He says trust me, I won’t let you get intoxicated. He gives her the coffee cup. Bulaaye tujhe….plays… They have a moment. He asks her to go and change, he will clear all this. Mukund smiles and walks lost. He collides with Devika. She scolds him. He smiles. He says phone broke. He picks it and holds her hand. He says sorry and goes. She asks are you drunk. Meera says I had made Irish coffee, it was strong. Devika says these small shop vendors don’t know about high class products. She goes. Mukund laughs. Meera takes him to the room.

Its morning, Mukund answers calls for Devika. Meera comes and says sorry, the coffee got strong. He says you gave me this new phone. Meera says yes, your phone got broken, but why. He says the phone is ringing, calls are coming for Devika. Meera and Mukund go and ask Devika what is she doing. Mukund says Varun is on leave, Mukund can handle some work, shall I do all the work here. She asks Meera to sign the papers, she will handle the rest. She throws the papers at Meera. Mukund gets shocked. They pick the papers. Devika says you can’t even manage a file. Mukund helps Meera. Meera takes the pen to sign the papers. Mukund asks her to stop.