Imlie 11th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Police arrests Tripathis and take them to police station. Imlie runs behind police van. Sundar calls Adi and informs the issue. Behind bars, Nishant tells Anu it was their family issue and she shouldn’t have involved police in it. Harish and Pankaj says she did wrong. Anu asks them not to embarrass themselves more, they should blame maid Imlie for thier problem. Anu says she earlier blamed her for Malini’s condition and now blaming her again for family’s condition and put them in jail. Anu asks if its her family, if she had proof against her, she would have also been in jail for troubling Malini. Imlie says they never troubled Malini and love her, Anu is doing really wrong. Inspector asks Anu to sign on FIR charge sheet. Anu does. Imlie walks away saying she will bring the proof.

KC waiting for Imlie thinks Imlie knows that she has 11 a.m. appointment to get a court date for Satyakam’s hearing, even then she is late. He calls landline and when no one picks thinks if they don’t file plea within 12 noon, case will be delayed. He thinks whom to call, remembers Malini and thinks there is no other way than calling crazy lady. Malini gets ready and asks servant about Anu. Servant says she left home in the morning. Malini asks him to serve lunch to Dev on time. KC calls her and asks if he is speaking to Malini Chaturvedi. She says yes and asks who is it. He says he is barrister KC. She asks how did he get her number. He says Imlie had 11 a.m. appointment to file for Satyakam’s court date, neither anyone in family nor Adi is picking call and he needs someone to file a plea. She says she will accompany.

Adi reaches police station and tells inspector that his family is brought here. Anu says he is her daughter’s husband and is the main culprit. Adi yells what nonsense. Anu says now he will boast about being a journalist and forgot that one who makes news can also become a news, he will go to jail for what he did. Inspector says he has charges of domestic abuse and harassment. Adi says he didn’t know she would stoop so low. He says he dated his daughter for 7 years and after marriage is ransacking her. Adi says divorce was not only his decision. She asks inspector to arrest him immediately. Constable puts him behind bars.

Imlie reaches Tripathi house to gather evidence. Dev asks how is she. Imlie remembers promising Anu not to meet Dev again and walks away ignoring him and returns with evidence. He holds her and asks what happened. She says she will not break the promise made to her and if there are problems because of his wife, she will not spare her. Dev asks what is the issue. She walks away. Back in police station, Adi consoles his family. Aparna cries that she tolerate Anu’s nonsense till now thinking she is also a mother, but she put her in jail even though she loved Malini like a daughter. Pankaj says what can they do when Malini is having an affair with someone. Adi calls someone. Rupali says why don’t they inform police that Malini is having an affair. Adi says he will not let a black mark on Malini’s character and neither on their dignity, they should trust him and he will find some way out. Imlie returns. Adi asks her to return home. She says she will take them all home. Adi says there is no need for it. She shows pen drive and says its a key for the lock. Anu says this lock will not open easily as India’s best lawyer are preparing case against them. Imlie says she will get them out. Anu says they are in jail because of her, she is inauspicious and spreads sorrows wherever she goes. Radha warns Anu to dare not touch Anu. Anu says they want to protect her, but will hate her when they will spend a night in jail. Adi warns Anu not to say anything to Imlie. Anu says Imlie’s lover is reacting, what magic did she do on her lover that he is ready to leave his wife. Imlie holds her hand tightly. Anu asks to leave her hand. Aparna and Harish also ask her to leave Anu as there won’t be any difference between her and Anu. Imlie says she will leave her after showing the difference between right and wrong, Anu should see how these people are concerned for her even though she put them in jail, she just needs her voice against Anu. Anu says whatever she does, she cannot harm her. Imlie says howmuch ever goodness tries to be wrong, it cannot be and evil harms itself with it deeds. She plays her physical torture video on Adi’s phone and threatens Anu that Anu doesn’t have any proof against her family, but she has proof against her and can send her behind bars, her India’s best lawyer cannot do then, either they will be busy preparing false cases against her family or get Anu out of jail.

Malini makes call and thinks Adi always picks call, even family is not picking calls, thinks they found out about divorce and hopes everything is fine at home. KC tells her that he has to present his argument in front of judge and procure a date, but Malini looks tense instead. She asks what argument has he prepared. He says what she knows about Satyakam, his news is not printed on page 3, he is sure she doesn’t know anything about Satyakam or Pagdandiya. She says Pagdandiya is around 500 km away from Delhi, it has 1100 population with only 1 school where girls cannot study, etc., and continues describing in detail about Pagdandiya and Satyakam’s struggle. She then says she just visited Pagdandiya once, but has he visited it anytime. He nervously says not yet and thinks crazy lady is not totally crazy, she is half mad and half mature. She says he is still smiling sarcastically. He says he didn’t prepare any argument and is thinking of repeating her words. Peon informs that his turn is coming. KC takes Malini along.

Anu takes back her complaint against Tripathis. Inspector scolds Anu for filing a false case and warns her of dire consequences, apologizes Triapthis. Adi says its okay and walks away with his family. Anu walks out next. Aparna tells Anu that divorce was Malini’s decision and not Adi’s, she wanted to meet her and amicably solve this issue, but with whatever she did, she will not stop Adi from breaking this relationship; she breaks relationship with Anu and she should stay away from her family and house. Imlie walks to Anu next and says she didn’t show this clip to police because she is Malini’s mother and if she tries to harm her family again, she will break her hands; she is revolutionary Satyakam’s daughter and can go to any extent to protect her family.