Imlie 16th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Arto looking for Imlie at the event. The rope of the hot air balloon loosens and he notices Imlie. He rushes to save her and jumps towards the balloon. He hangs from there holding the rope. She asks him why he came? It’s madness. He says if he leaves the rope he will fall down. She pulls him up holding his hand. They stand together inside the balloon. She says he shouldn’t have come here. He says she knows why he is here. She says if anything happened to him what would she tell their families? Now they are not each other’s responsibility. That’s the truth he should accept. He asks her not to get mad. Kia gets angry as Rudra allowed Arto and Imlie to spend time with each other though they are not couple anymore. After a certain point the gas gets leaked from the balloon. Imlie gets afraid and Arto comforts her.

Rathods and Rana’s see Arto and Imlie in the balloon and feel they are having a good time. Kia thinks why they don’t leave each other for a second. Imlie and Arto feel awkward while talking about love on Valentine’s Day. Imlie recites a poem of love and Arto also adds two three lines from his perspective. He asks her if she ever celebrated Valentine’s Day? She replies she never did that. But love can be expressed to our families and loved ones as well. She says she is not that modern to celebrate all this.

Arto says nothing like that. Whatever she is does can never be bad. Imlie says she saw in films how hero proposes to the heroine by giving rose. Arto offers her rose and she feels nervous. He says he is offering rose to her as a friend. Friends can celebrate Valentine’s Day too. She thinks why she hopes that Arto will turn their friendship into love one day. He can never consider her more than a friend. He thinks he doesn’t want to leave Imlie’s hand so he is making excuses to get close to her. There Rathods and Rana’s see through telescope that Arto is proposing Imlie. They get delighted and Chini thinks she is attempting suicide to separate them, but here Arto and Imlie are romancing. She gets irked.

Arto says I friend You to Imlie and waits for her answer. She accepts his friendship. She says but they are still in danger why he is forgetting that. He says Imlie’s mother was such a strong lady then why is she scared being her daughter. She takes the rose and gets happy seeing the beautiful clouds around. He says he will fulfil all her wishes and she says she doesn’t need anything extra. Arto asks her to dance with him and they dance on Tera Ishq song. Suddenly the balloon falters and the gas starts leaking. Arto fears that the balloon might crash. She asks him to do something. Chini gets jealous seeing them close.

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