Imlie 1st December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Episode begins with Imlie entering with Aryan in the house and he informs his family members that Imlie is going to stay with them from now on. However both the family members get happy to hear this and they say that they have no issues with Imlie staying with them. They take Imlie inside and Arpita introduces her with her friends and Imlie is smiling and sharing about her native place Pagdandiya.

She says everything about my native place is beautiful but the most beautiful fact about that place is that my mother lives there. Everyone is listening to her words with so much attention and they all feel for her when she says this. The other side Nishant and Ruby are talking about imli and they are trying to contact her but somehow she is remaining unreachable. Ruby says even if it is with Aryan as all are saying then she must have some solid compulsion to take this step.

Malini over the years the conversation and sister Ruby that you keep calling me shameless because I live in this house. Where your ideal of independent and modern Imlie living in another house is compulsion to you. Nishanth says that if Imlie has gone there then there must be some reason and we are just trying to figure that out. Malini says suit yourself the kind of narration you want.

Malini thinks in her mind that I don’t need to do anything else because if Imlie is with Aryan for real then automatic addition Aditya will be away from each other and I don’t have to do anything else. On the other hand, Imlie was served food by Arpita. AImlie saw the chopsticks and she remembers her incident with Aditya. She feels emotional and starts to eat with her hands when other people present in the party are looking at her. A Lady comes to her and says that you can be a village girl but at least you can learn manners about how to eat in a public place.

Imlie ignores her words and continues to have food in her own way when Aryan comes to her and says what are you doing ? He says to her that this is not the way to eat in front of everybody as this looks bad and does not go with the decorum. Imli says that I have the problem with eating in this way and my family people have no issues then why should I think about anybody else who is not even anyone to me.

Aryan says if this is the case then all the people that you have met till today are big time idiots. If your own people stop you from learning new things or make you believe that you don’t have to upgrade yourself then that’s a fool’s business. Imlie protested and took a stand for her family members. Aryan shows her how to eat using chopsticks and she finally gets the tricky point to hold it properly. She was eating food from chopsticks while Arpita and her brother saw them both from a distance and were happy to see that Aryan is a good teacher who can teach people about things.

Malini tries to instigate Aditya against Imlie, Aditya calls Imlie to know about her. However both of them end up having a fight because of things that Aditya misunderstood her again. Aditya decides that he will go himself and will bring her back home. Malini decided in her mind that she will not let it happen at any cost.

Imlie was looking for a place where she can sleep at night and after looking here and there she finally decided to sleep on the floor itself. At night Aryab comes down and stumbles upon Imlie. Imlie realizes that this is Aryan and the one else and she gets up to tell him what just happened !! Arpita shows Imlie her room where she can take rest, Arpita and their mother talking about Aryan and his fast while Imlie overhear their conversation.

Precap – Imlie is in Aryan’s house and Aditya comes to take her away from the house of Aryan.