Imlie 20th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Imlie telling her family that Arto told the truth to her for the first time. He loves someone else and she doesn’t have the strength to know who is she. Arpita says they will talk to him. Imlie says she will show them something. Rupy suspects the girl must be Chini. Sundar says they can’t assume things and Arpita adds but Arto is not a kid who will get influenced by Chini.

Imlie brings the bracelet of Chini and tells them that it can be Arto’s lover’s bracelet which fell from his pocket. Chini comes and says it belongs to her out of excitement. Imlie gets shocked hearing that and she asks Chini how come Arto has her bracelet. Chini feels nervous and she lies that she gave him the bracelet to repair it from his friend.

Imlie says Chini has that right just like she has the right to question her. Chini leaves before anyone asks her further questions. Rupy says if Chini is lying they have no idea. Arpita decides to support the truth. Sundar says they are quite because of Imlie’s happiness. Everything will be alright soon in her life. Arto recalls Chini’s words while driving.

There Imlie also cries remembering Arto’s words. She says why she has to go through so much pain all the time. She prays to God for Arto’s happiness as she can’t see him suffering. She looks at her ring there he feels he is incomplete without his hookline. He says he was confused thinking how to accept Chini and tell the truth to Imlie. But they both left him now so all problems got solved. He should be happy but he is upset.

Kia serves food to Rudra and the latter thinks she is Imlie. Devika informs him about Imlie went to Rathod Mansion suddenly. Arto is not with her. Rudra gets doubtful. Chini gets overjoyed seeing her expensive gifts from Abhishek. Imlie comes to her and behaves indifferently. She asks Chini if the latter is hiding something from her. Imlie says she doesn’t want to trust people easily now. Chini teases her saying how does Arto tackle her. She says she wants to concentrate on her wedding now. Imlie leaves and feels strange. Anu asks Chini to take revenge for Malini’s death instead of enjoying. Chini says she wants to enjoy her life first then she will trouble Imlie.

Anu decides to use Chini for her revenge. Rudra asks Arto when will Imlie come back? Arto says he has no idea, he is trying his best but noone understands him. Devika tells Rudra to not interfere between husband and wife. Arto and Imlie should understand each other and it’s their job not Rudra’s. Rudra hopes Arto will understand Imlie’s value.

Anu calls Arto and manipulates him into believing Chini still likes him and she is innocent. Arto replies he wronged Imlie and Chini both. Chini broke up with him as he couldn’t give her the love she needed. Anu advises him to patch up with her and she thinks Chini loves him still. Arto agrees saying he will do his best to convince Chini. Anu smirks thinking now Arto will help her to execute the plan.

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