Imlie 25th November 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Imlie comes to the temple and prays for the well-being of Aditya. Imlie sees Aparna and her sister-in-law in the temple and shows her article. Aparna teases her and then she says they should have accepted her at first if they were as intelligent as her. Radha says they were waiting for Imlie when she will come back again in her own house. Imlie says she has to go to the office to avoid the discussion with Aditya. She leaves from there running and bumps into Aryan once again.

Aryan asks Imlie why she hasn’t gone to the office yet. Imlie replies she came for darshan and is now going back to the office. Narmada gets happy to see her and talks to her in broken language. Later she calls Aryan grumpy in front of Imlie. Narmada suggests Aryan to go with Imlie but she says she won’t go as he drives really fast. Aryan shuts her up in front of his mother . Aryan and Imlie both refuse to go together but Narmada forces them to go together.

Imlie imitates Aryan and they both sit in the car to go from there. Aparna informs the family members about meeting Imlie. Sundar asks about her as he is missing her a lot. Malini notices that Aditya comes for breakfast and she asks if Imlie send any message for Aditya through her? As he is the one who always supported him from the beginning. She says I despise this ungratefulness as she is now preferring someone else. Rupy sides with Imlie and says she is an independent woman and doesn’t need anyone’s help. Malini thinks she will plan something about it soon.

Imlie thanks Aryan for publishing her article. Aryan says he did what seems right to him. Warden sees Imlie in a big car and she misunderstands her again. Imlie learns from Aryan that he chose her article over Aditya’s article to publish on the front page. Imlie gets shocked and says Aditya’s article will be much better than hers. Aryan says she should focus on herself only, and asks why she cares for Aditya so much? Imlie gets emotional and says because he is her mentor and she respects him. Rupy and Nishant are planning to bring Imlie and Aditya together and the latter likes the idea. Malini overhears that and decides to spoil it.

Aryan reaches office and Aditya sees her coming out of Aryan’s car and recalls Malini’s words. Imlie notices Aditya and thinks he will congratulate her but he ignores her. Aditya tells one employee to focus on his work so that his article gets published too. Imlie hears that and asks Aditya is there any problem in her article? Aditya says print media is a 24/7 business and her article shouldn’t be published on the front page this soon but on the sixth page. He says I don’t like Aryan’s way of working but it doesn’t mean I am doubting you .

Imlie gets offended anyhow and accuses him. Aditya says he won’t ask her anything as one question changed his entire life. Suraj tells them not to argue like typical couples in the office. Aryan learns Imlie is married but separated from her husband.

Precap – Imlie walks crying in the street as she lost her hostel room.