Imlie 26th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Atharva asks Imlie if she is getting angry on her. Imlie says after whatever happened, she feels she doesn’t know him at all and one don’t get angry on strangers, she is anyways here for Rudra. She turns her face and cries. Shivani curses Imlie for return to Rana house. Keya joins her and says Imlie a drama queen. Devika gets angry and says they should be ashamed to badmouth about someone when Rudra is critically ill, they should realize that Imlie is still Atharva’s wife and DIL of this house who cares for their family more than elders/Shivani here and its their good luck if she stays back. Nurse informs that Rudra is awake now. Family rushes to Rudra’s room. Doctor informs that Rudra had suffered a minor heart attack and suggests Rudra to refrain from oily food from hereon. Family shows their concern for Rudra and asks if they can feed him fruit. Rudra points at Imlie. Imlie says he should have food now and then her scolding, she should have only dalia and khichdi and refrain from spicy food as per doctor’s advice.

Imlie prepares khichdi in kitchen while Atharva watches her. She then feeds khichdi to Rudra. Rudra gets emotional and says he wants to see who makes him cry and smile with her talks. Imlie wipes his tears and warns him to return often to scold him if he doesn’t take care of himself. Rudra says then he definitely will not take care of himself and wipes Imlie’s tears. Imile says she has to go back as her life’s most bitter memories stay here and she can’t stay here for a second. Rudra says he will complain doctor that she is not taking care of him. Imlie feeds him khichdi again. Atharva watches hiding. Doctor visits Rudra for checkup.

Devika thanks Imlie for feeding khichdi to Rudra and says they did some good virtue in their previous lives that they got Imlie in this life. Shivani yells at Imlie and orders her to stay back until Rudra’s health improves. Ripu and Ginni remind her that she didn’t allow Imlie enter the house just some time ago. Divya asks why she wants inauspicious Imlie back home. Devika tongue lashes Shivani for her selfish behavior. Shivani says as a member of Rana family, she is entitled to order Imlie. Imlie refuses to stay back after delivering a long emotional dialogue. Rudra hears her and gets a heart attack again. Imlie wakls towards door when Ripu and Ginni notice Rudra’s condition and shout. Whole family including Imlie rush to him. Rudra’s condition normalizes seeing Imlie. Doctor takes everyone out and suggests them to keep Rudra away from any type of stress.

Shivani tells Devika that Rudra’s condition worsened after hearing that Imlie is going, does she need any other reason to hold back Imlie. Keya says they have to let Imlie stay here whether they like it or not. Shivani insists Devika to convince Imlie to stay back. Devika refuses and says she will not let that kid in more sorrows. She walks to Imlie, pampers her, and walks away. Imlie calls Bhaskar Times dietician and requests her to prepare a diet plan for Rudra. Atharva blames himself for Rudra’s condition and hits his hand to a pillar repeatedly. Imlie stops him. Atharva cries that everyone is blaming him for Rudra’s condition, he is feeling alone and lost his friend and love because of his mistake, he will lose his music if he loses his dad. Imlie says nobody will leave him. Atharva says she will leave though. She tries to leave. He says he knows he is a cheap person and doesn’t deserve Imlie’s companionship, but his dad deserves her support. He begs her to stay back until Rudra gets well.

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