Imlie 28th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Imlie telling Arto that Chini deserves a partner like him. Someone should understand Chini just how he understands her. She feels lucky that Arto is her husband. Arto says he is wrong and he couldn’t do anything for Chini. Imlie says maybe he didn’t spend much time with her but he helped her with his music like a therapy. Arto says he is not that lucky for Imlie and Chini is receiving treatment which she needs. Chini is taken for treatment process in a room and the doctor asks her how is she feeling. Chini starts talking nonsense and threatens the door to set the room on fire. She scares him with her warning. Arto tells Imlie to have some food and Imlie eats. She is about to feed him but Chini video calls her.

Chini acts like asylum people are torturing her. She is hiding from them. The asylum staffs try to catch her and Chini cuts the call. Imlie and Arto get worried for her and leave to take her back. Rudra tries to stop them but Arto says thats not a right place for Chini and if he trusts Imlie’s words then he should let them go. Rudra tells Devika that Chini has played her card and now it’s his turn to defeat Chini. There Chini lays in hospital bed and asks the doctors to push the injection as per her plan. Doctor gets confused saying this case is very rare for him and Chini utters she will win for sure. Rudra hires men to stop Imlie and Arto from reaching mental asylum.

Arto says he knows Rudra will send Chini far away from them, Rudra’s men keep some nails on street and Arto’s car tyre gets punctured. Imlie holds Arto’s hand when he loses balance and they share an eye lock.

Rudra’s men inform Rudra their work is done and Devika worries for Arto Imlie that how would they come back home without car. They are not in nearby location. Rudra says he did it to bring them closer and he tells Devika not to worry. Kia thinks if Chini doesn’t return it will be her loss so she should do something.

Arto tells Imlie it’s not something done by any thief but Rudra stopped them from going to asylum. Arto says Rudra always wants to force his choice on his son and he feels he is right always just because he is elder than him. Imlie tells him not to get hyper and talk ill about his father. Arto says he cant control his anger anymore, Imlie asks him to calm down and teases him. He says atleast she should not feel bored hearing his complains. Imlie says Rudra is experienced than them and they should understand him. Arto says she should not support Rudra’s every action. Imlie says the things can be solved by discussion only. She also wants to know why Rudra has so much problem with Chini. It will bring more transperancy. Arto gets surprised hearing her Hindi words.

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