Imlie 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Imlie thinks festival is celebrated with family, she is here alone and can’t return to amma/Mithi. Adi enters and asks why don’t she accompany him to his house. She asks why did he come here. He asks why did she come here without informing him, she even didn’t let Tauji take her along, she will not stay here. She asks why should she come with him, if she is his responsibility. He says he left her in Pagdandiya when she told she will stay there, but she came here. He packs her clothes and asks if she doesn’t remember her. She says no. He says he remembers her though and cannot let her away from. She asks with which relationship should she come with him, she cannot hurt Malini by coming here. He says even he didn’t want to, but he had to as he loves Imlie now and if she comes with him, he will set things right. She says she will accompany him with a condition that he shouldn’t break the promises he made to Malini during their wedding as she doesn’t want Malini to be hurt. He promises. She says its not her clothes. He then stuffs her clothes in bag and says she does it purposefully.

Anu and Dev visit Tripathis. Tripathis wish them happy holi, and Aparna says she is happy to see them here. Anu says she came here to see Adi’s behavior towards Malini. Malini wishes them happy holi. Dev asks why didn’t she play holi and tells Pankaj that he works with colors, but his daughter doesn’t want to play with colors, why didn’t they convince her. Malini says Aparna has convinced her to play holi. Anu asks where is Adi. Aparna says he must be coming. Anu asks why is he not at a place where he should be, he is playing hide and seek game with Malini again . Malini says till now Adi didn’t play holi with her, so she asked Maa to let Adi color her first and then others. Adi play sholi with Imlie and enjoys it. Malini thinks she cannot imagine that Adi can love playing holi.

Imlie and Adi throw colors on each other smear each other with colors. Saath Rang Me Khelrahi Hai Dilwalon Ki Toli plays in the background. Tripathy family waits for colors. Sunny and Tia say they are getting bored, so let us play holi. Nidhi says let us wait for sometime. Sundar brings holi. Tia and Sunny insist to play holil with them, but agrees when Dhruv signals. Nishant says its getting boring and signals Dhruv and Rupal to come aside. He then shows then bhang and insists to mix it in food and feed family to cheer up family’s mood. Aparna notices them first followed by Taiji who notices bhang in Nishant’s hand and scolding them asks him to go and throw it away. Their discussion continues when they hear Imlie’s voice. Imlie singing song knocks door. Adi also sings. Family excitedly opens door and she hugs everyone and dances with them. Tauji acts as angry. Pankaj tells Adi that good he brought her here, but should have informed beforehand. Aparna hugs her and says she was missing her. Dev notices Imlie, but stops reminiscing Mithi that she doesn’t want Imlie to know that he is her father.

Aparna drags Adi in to play holi with Malini. Malini gets disheartened seeing Adi already smeared in colors. Imlie wishes her happy holi. Malini replies and says she thought Adi doesn’t like playing holi and hence will get sindhoor applied from him, but he has already played holi; never mind, he can apply her sindhoor even now, as a husband and wife this is their first holi and he can do this at least for his wife. Tauji asks Adi to do that as its auspicious for their relationship. Adi hesitates but reminisces Imlie’s request and agrees. Malini opens sindhoor bottle and offers it to him. Just then Sunny runs and hugs Adi dropping sindhoor on Imlie and rest on floor. Malini stands more shattered. Sunny apologizes Malini. Malini says its okay. Anu says its okay as there is different color present and tries to apply it on her. She stops her and says she wanted her husband to apply color on her first, but since it didn’t happen, she will not apply color. Adi picks sindhoor bottle and says there is nothing left in it, she didn’t inform him about her plan. Malini says there is no use of planning as whatever is in fate will happen. She says she is happy to see Imlie back. Pankaj asks Imlie not to disappear uninformed again. Anu tells Malini that Adi looks very happy with Imlie’s return. Nishant asks why papa looks unhappy with Imlie’s return. Tauji says he and Imlie were like Jai and Veeru of this house, but Imlie listened to Adi instead of him, so from here on Sundar is his buddy. Sundar rejoices and taunts Imlie. Imlie replies back.