Imlie 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Neela asks whole family to accompany her to the temple. Arpita agrees. Jyoti asks Aryan why Imlie is not coming. Aryan says Imlie is resting. Jyoti says its good if she gets out of the house during pregnancy. Imlie joins them. Everyone head towards the door when masked goons barge in point gun at them. Narmada and Arpita get afraid seeing them. Imlie bravely walks in front of them hiding a knife behind and attacks the goon with a knife. Aryan and Sundar fight with the goons. Goons overpower Aryan, make him unconscious with chloroform, and kidnap him. Imlie runs behind their car and cries falling down.

Narmada cries worried for Aryan. Arpita and Sundar try to console her and assure that they will do something. Narmada yells what will a servant do. Jyoti says what enemity the universe had with Aryan. Imlie returns, gives her a tight slap, drags her to temple and pushing her towards the fire insists her to inform where Aryan is or else she will burn her alive. Jyoti requests Gudiya to save her. Gudiya refuses. Arpita and Sundar try to pull Imlie away. Imlie resists. Neela asks if she has any proof against Jyoti. Imile leaves Jyoti. Sundar asks her not to worry as he already informed police.

Kidnappers takes Aryan to a house. Aryan realizes they don’t know who he is and Imlie is right that someone is behind all the troubles they faced recently. He provokes goons to free him and see how he punishes them. Goons drag him further inside and call their boss. Imlie panics in her room. Servant bring Harry on a wheelchair to Imlie’s room. Imlie pleads him to help her against Jyoti and get her love back. Harry melts down seeing her tears and reveals that he is absolutely alright and not paralysed. Imlie is shocked to see that. Goons continue to take Aryan towards their boss.

Precap: Aryan fights with the goons and overpowers them. One of them breaks a bottle on his head and he collapses.

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