Imlie 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Harish during breakfast informs family that Malini told she will come to meet them. Aparna says she is returning home. Imlie hearing that gets engrasped in thoughts and fills Nishant’s plate. Nishant alerts her. Aparna tells Imlie that she still doesn’t look good and asks her to go and rest till Malini comes in the afternoon. Imlie leaves. Adi bites chillies. Aparna noticing that offers her water. He says he will have juice from fridge and walks away even when Harish offers him jalebis. He walks to Imlie and asks what was that. Imlie says she is terrifagyi/terrified. He laughs and says its terrified. She says he is laughing on her while her world is ending. He says new beginning will start only if old ends, anyways her old world was on standing on lies. She says Malini still loves him. He says Malini loves Kunal. She asks who is this invisible man. He shows Kunal Chauhan profiles on social media and he must be one among them. She asks him to create her profile on social media. He says there is one profile with her name and it says Imlie is sour and over time becomes sweet. Aparna calls him, and he walks away asking her to relax. Imlie thinks she feels good when Adi around her, but don’t know which new storm is on the way.

Malini returns home. Anu happily hugs her and asks how is she. Daadi asks where was she, she didn’t even call once. Anu informs Dev that Malini returned home. Malini asks if he will not ask where she had gone. Dev says he first wants to know if she was with Kunal Chauhan. Anu says its just a rumor. Dev repeats. Malini asks even if its true, is it wrong to stay with someone else than their partner. Dev asks to stop her rubbish as he had gone to her college and found out she didn’t take up any project, where she had gone. Malini walks away saying she went where he should have been. She checks Dev’s paintings and finds Mithi’s painting. Dev asks where had she gone. She says a place where its people open up hearts for even strangers. He requests to please tell. She says she had gone to Pagdandiya and met Mithi, she knows that Imlie is his daughter. Dev cries. Malini asks if he knew from before and asks her to call her daughter only when he calls Imlie as Imlie Chaturvedi. Anu hearing that says its impossible. Malini says papa betrayed her, but Mithi also suffered like her for years; she should be angry Dev instead and accept that Imlie is Dev’s daughter. Anu asks not to say that as her 20-year-old doubt is proven right by her own daughter; asks if a villager Mithi trapped her in sugary talks and blames Dev for ruining her house. Malini consoles her and says she must be feeling pain, but she has to accept truth that Imlie is her sister and her responsibility. Anu says it not true. Malini says truth cannot be changed, Imlie suffered a lot but not anymore. She asks Dev to come with her to repent for his sins.

Aparna prays god that her DIL Malini should return home forever and happily stay with Adi forever as she cannot see her children’s pain. Imlie hears her prayers. Door bell rings. Imlie opens door and is surprised to see Dev with Malini. Malini says she needs to speak something important to her and papa will speak. Dev hesitates. Imlie asks what happened. Malini asks him to be courageous and speak. Dev says he betrayed both daughters and deserves their hatred, he gets heart attack and falls down. Malini concerned calls Adi for help. Family shifts Dev to a hospital where doctor says patient suffered a massive heart attack and they are trying their best to revive him. Malini blames herself for Dev’s condition. Anu rushes in and asks if Dev is fine, why did she take Dev there and put him under so much pressure. She then gets more angry seeing Imlie and tries to slap her, but Adi stops her and says he can understand her pain though. Anu says whatever happened today is because of Imlie and if something happens to Dev, she will not spare Imlie. She asks Imlie if she needs name and status or planning to take Dev’s property share if he dies. Malini stops her and says Imlie doesn’t know anything. Anu asks to send Imlie away or else she cannot control herself. Imlie walks to her and says she always told her that she doesn’t need anything from anyone; Dev came to meet her when she was in hospital and she came now for the sake of humanity. Anu says she knows her intention. Pankaj shouts to stop and Aparna warns that she cannot blame Imlie. Pankaj asks Imlie to go home with Nishant. Malini says papa would feel good if she stays back. Anu warns her to stop. Malini says she didn’t say anything wrong as papa considers Imlie as daughter and would like her to stay back. Adi says papa knows Imlie will be misbehaved, so Imlie should go. Malini hugs Imlie and says she came here to set everything wrong, but things got worse again; she will set things right soon. Imlie leaves.