Imlie 2nd May 2023 Written Update Episode Written Update

Anu asks Chini to give her bank account details to transfer money to her as Atharva must be jobless now. Chini refuses her help and says she and Atharva will manage Kairi’s summer camp fees. She disconnects call seeing Kairi listening to her conversation. Kairi says its sunny today and Atharva may melt under the sun. She picks an umbrella and runs towards beach. Chini runs behind her. Dhairya and Chini travel in their car towards Goa summer camp. Dhairya asks her not to bother about Devika’s words as she spoke what was in her heart, she hides her pain from him even now. Imlie says she doesn’t bother about elder’s words and is super excited about meeting summer camp kids as she feels she is meeting her daughter; she sets up a camp in a different city each years and is sure that this time she will reach her destiny. Dhairya says if she is confident, he agrees that she is close to her daughter.

Atharva plays guitar at the beach with other musician. Musician seeing people offering coins complains Atharva that his business slowed down with is entry. Atharva imagines Imlie who encourages her to listen to his heart and play music he likes. Musician says he will not get money for standing like a statue and encourages him to play guitar. Atharva thinks Imlie’s taught angers him and he hates her. He plays Mere Rooh Ka Parinda Phadphadaye… song. Imlie hears that and stops her car. She walks towards the sound. Kairi also runs towards Atharva holding an umbrella shout “Paa I am coming.” She passes by Imlie. Somone clears crowd and walks in front of Atharva. Atharva looks shocked and asks notices Chini instead. Chini informs that Kairi thought he would be performing under sun and ran from home with an umbrella for him. He accompanies her in search of Kairi. Imlie reaches next and seeing guitar asks musician where is the man who was playing guitar. Musician says he is playing saxophone is playing music since years and nobody asked for him, but guitarist played music just today and people are asking for him. He counts money and says they got only 700 for performing under sun, he will keep 490 rs and will give 210 rs to the guitarist as promised. Imlie says she respects artists and offers money bundle for him and his artist friend. Dhairya takes her from there.

Atharva and Cheeni are seen walking nearby them. Kairi finds them and offers umbrella to Atharva. Atharva pampers her. Imlie stops hearing Kairi’s laugh and notices an umbrella covering a couple and kid. They walk away. Dhairya asks Imlie if she is fine. Imlie says she is fine. Dhairya says he needs to attend a transport union’s urgent meeting and asks if she will have any problem if he leaves her alone. Imlie says no. He asks her to call him if needed and leaves in car with Imlie. Atharva feels sad that he couldn’t arrange money to send Kairi to a summer camp. Chini asks him to feel disheartened as he tried his best. Musician walks to him and offers him Imlie’s given money. Atharva thanks him and says now he can send Kairi to school. Musician asks him to thank an unknown lady who liked their music and offered money, he should thinks its god’s gift.

Imlie reaches summer camp and checks about arrangements with her team. She then goes to have food. Staff discusses that Imlie loves children a lot. Atharva excitedly tells Chini that they can send Kairi to summer camp now and says Kairi is like Imlie who loves Seeta maiya. He describes how Kairi visited temple herself and liked Seeta maiya’s idol. He thanks Chini for supporting him to take care of Kairi. Chini thanks him for forgiving her and letting her help him. Atharva says Chini accepted her mistake and reformed herself, but a few people Imlie change for worse.

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