Imlie 30th November 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Episode starts with Imlie remembering the words of Aryan and gets disheartened. Out of compulsion, she sleeps outside on the road on a bench. She was sleeping when some thugs appeared there with their car and notices Imlie. They get down and Imlie gets alerted to see them and asks them to back off.

They misbehave with her and snatches her scarf from her body and throws it in the air. Imlie feels devastated but Aryan comes to her rescue there. Aryan comes and gets hold of the scarf and puts it back on Imlie as a sign of protection. He then moves back and says to the boys that it’s them who are spineless and cowardly and not the females.

He immediately clicks their pictures on his phone and literally watches them from top to bottom. He scans the pictures and finds out their whereabouts. He starts to tell them about themselves, making them go all shocked and scared about his reach.

Aryan says if any one among them wants to get killed then come forward. One of those guys recognised Aryan as he killed one in the club and immediately left the place with his company. Aryan gives water to Imlie and she takes it. Malini decides to check on Imlie at night. Seeing Imlie in problems and pain gives her a different sort of sadistic pleasure.

Dev asks if both mother and daughter are again planning to trouble Imlie ?Anu replies Imlie’s bad time has started . Dev asks Malini why she has become like this ? Malini says her father does not love her anymore or else he will never say this to her. She left without any delay.

Aryan tells Imlie to sit in his car . Imlie says she will manage and does not need help, Aryan asks her again but she says no with full attitude. Aryan writes an agreement and asks her to sign . He says she can pay rent for staying in his house and it will not be a charity. Imlie agrees to it and finally gets ready to go to his house. She asks him if he is so soft from inside then why does he behave like a stone ? Aryan says stone doesn’t share its pain with anyone.

He opens her car door and Imlie sits in it. Malini is coming back and she catches them together. She thinks why IMlie gets assistance from everyone. She thinks of an idea and takes a selfie with a puppy. She says now she will enjoy the suffering of IMlie more.

Aditya gets upset recalling the words of Imlie. Malini intentionally shows her selfie to Tripathis at the dinner table and acts like she didn’t notice Aryan and Imlie standing behind. Aditya notices Imlie and all thinks she must be in problem. Malini says Imlie should keep professional and personal life different, talking to CEO on the roads is not cool. Aditya calls the hostel management and learns Imlie left it two days back. Malini provokes Aditya saying Imlie always finds someone to help her like Aryan.

Aditya goes from there in anger while the family members get worried for both of them. On the other hand, Narmada talks to girls about their horoscopes in the party. Arpita asks her not to make it obvious and sounds so desperate. Aryan should get the liberty to choose his life partner on his own. At the same time, Aryan enters house with Imlie besides him.

Precap – Aryan tells Imlie to learn new things and upgrade herself instead of staying the same always. Change is the nature of universe and one should adopt it.