Imlie 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Imlie tells family that she will do household work from hereon and not let Sundar do that. Adi says she will not work, then tells family that she has to study for her entrance exam. Imlie says she will not let Sundar take her place as this is her house. Nidhi says of course and takes her in. Anu warns Malini to at least now not ignore what she is seeing. Malini asks what is she ignoring. Anu says Adi left house without informing anyone to bring Imlie, she wanted just a bit of sindhoor from him which he didn’t, he is ignoring her repeatedly since Imlie came in their lives and doesn’t even speak to her, so she should be alert. Malini thinks she cannot ignore Maa’s warning for the first time, Adi doesn’t even speak to her and behaves so well with Imlie instead, if he indebted to Imlie for saving his life or if there is some other reason.

Adi sees family pampering Imlie and thinks not only him but also there are so many people who were missing Imlie; he can understand Dev’s situation, but what he did with Malini is betrayal; even he realized only now that he loves Imlie and realized that he was feeling comfortable with Malini just like a friend; dev is betraying Anu, Mithi, Malini, and Imlie, but he will not betray anyone as he will inform Malini everything as she loves him like he loves Imlie. Imlie continues her jokergiri and greets each stuff at home. Rupal says she is talking to stuff as if they are humans. Imlie says when she left home, she never thought she would return, so she is feeling attached to each stuff of the house. Aparna says she just now told this is her house and has right on each stuff. Imlie thinks she can’t express her right on anything and call her maa, she doesn’t want to be a problem to Malini, etc.

Malini notices Adi’s weird behavior. Sundar scolds Imlie that she talked to each stuff and spoilt floor with her holi colored footprints, if she is bahu/DIL of this house to leave her footprints. Anu gets angry seeing foot prints and throws water on them saying there is a difference between marriage’s alta/red color and cheap holi color and it washed away so easily. Imlie gets sad hearing that.

Mithi meets Prakash and asks why didn’t he meet her even after returning 2 days ago, if he left Imlie to her home safely and if he met her in-laws. He thinks how to lie her that Adi is already married and betrayed Imlie and Imlie is just a servant there. Mithi says she is not her mother, but brought him up and can understand he is lying, what is it. He thinks Imlie shouldn’t have hidden truth from his mother.

Imlie prepares her bed in store room. Adi walks to her and says this is not her place and hopes he would have taken her to his room. She says whether on bed or floor, one should get peaceful sleep, so he need not worry about her and go and sleep. He stands there acting as looking at books and chats with her. She asks him to go. He asks if she is not getting sleep, even he is not. She asks to stop acting like a kid and go. He says she is right and will meet her in the morning. She says good night. He says she was pulling his legs and runs around him. She runs into kitchen. Malini walks to kitchen and seeing Adi what is he doing here and why is he short of breath. Imlie hides under dining table. Adi says he saw a rat and came behind it and takes her away forcefully. Imlie thinks how to control her emotions for Adi.

Imlie starts cleaning house in the morning. Aparna and Taiji prepare breakfast discussing everything is back to normal now. Tauji listening to song on taperecorder gets disturbed with mixer sound and asks Taiji to prepare him tea. Children ask to pack their lunch box. Imlie says she will bring their lunch box. Nishant asks milk and says he will prepare himself. Dhruv asks to prepare him snacks. Imlie serves Nishant milk. Tauji continuously ask Taiji to bring tea and biscuits for him. Imlie makes Taiji and Aparna wear multiple hands and brings them. Tauji and Dhruv asks why they are wearing multiple fake hands, if there is fancy dress competition. Imlie says she wants them to realize that Tauji and Aparna have only 2 hands and they cannot fulfill everyone’s demands at once. She gives them a long speech about how women work 24 x 7 tirelessly, etc. Adi thinks she herself works tirelessly and is fighting for Taiji and maa’s rights, she addresses problems which they don’t notice.