Imlie 3rd May 2023 Written Update Episode Written Update

Arto telling Chini that people make mistakes and if they rectify it then they deserve another chance , which he gave her. But he didn’t know Imlie will change like that. In flashback Arto is walking with her baby in heavy rain. He tries to give her protection and gets inside a hut. He says how to stop his baby from crying. Chini comes to him and he says what she is doing here. She says the baby needs her mother. Chini says she wanted to blackmail him thus she came here. She never liked Imlie but now she doesn’t know why she is feeling bad for the child. She says she forgot how to love someone truly. But now she wants to stop the baby from crying.

Arto says he can handle his baby so she should stop her nonsense talk and leave. Chini pleads him that the baby will fall sick and she wants to stop her cry. She adds how will he handle the baby all alone? He says he is capable enough to do that. After requesting a lot Arto finally gives her the baby and she holds her in her arms. She stops crying and Chini says she will not take Imlie’s place but she assures him she will try to take care of the baby if he takes her along with him.

Chini says she didn’t her parents love but she says Imlie’s baby will not become like Chini. Arto and Chini look after the baby all night and flashback ends. Arto tells Chini she not just handled his daughter but supported him too. She says he should not make her emotional by saying all these things. Dhairya worries for Imlie and Rudra tells him to call her if he is concerned. Dhairya says Imlie only stay happy with kids. Rudra says if he won’t show his care how would she know. Devika overhears that and asks Rudra how can he give Arto’s place to Dhairya so easily. He is not bothered by Arto’s absence. Rudra tells her not to talk rubbish. Dhairya is his son and he was there when Arto left them. Devika says Rudra is just a businessman who wanted someone to handle his business which Arto couldn’t do. He wants Dhairya and Imlie to get united just for his business profit. Rudra says Arto’s father will never forgive Devika for saying this. Imlie still loves Arto only. Devika says then she should accept it that miracle will not happen and she will remain sad.

Imlie learns one lady called Pushpa in the camp is having labour pain. Noone is available to take her to hospital so she decides to take her to hospital by driving ambulance. They get stuck in traffic and Arto Chini also are at the same location. Imlie tells Pushpa to calm down when the latter cries in pain. Arto hears the lady’s cry and comes out of the car to check. Imlie gives courage to the lady and the traffic gets cleared by that time so Chini takes Arto back. Imlie reaches the hospital where she learns the Pushpa’s condition is critical and the doctor can save either the child or the mother. Imlie recalls her own incident and requests the doctor to save both mother and child. She says she will pray for Pushpa near Sita Maiya. Sita Maiya never disappoints her.

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