Imlie 5th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Imlie makes Taiji and Aparna wear multiple hands and asks Taiji, Dhruv, and Nishant that women have only 2 hands and they cannot do multiple tasks at once. They apologize Taiji and Aparna and promise to not let them complain. Malini says Imlie is right, they all should work on Sunday and let Taiji and maa rest. They all agree. Aparna and Taiji thank Imlie. Adi wishes good morning to Imlie. She replies and brings milk for Malini. Malini resists saying she doesn’t like its taste. Adi asks Imlie to drink instead as she likes it and have soaked almonds with them. Imlie says she brought it for Malini. He insists her and shows his concern. Imlie thinks Adi is concerned for her. Malini thinks he never showed so much concern for her and he is acting as if he will lose something if Imlie doesn’t agree.

Daadi plans pooja at home and invite Malini and Adi’s family home. Dev says they will have lunch after that. Anu taunts that Adi will get one more assignment before that. Dev says he will go and invite Tripathis as she creates issue whenever she visits them. He tells Daadi that he will invite even Imlie. Anu says he should invite even Sundar and asks why he is so concerned about a servant. He asks what problem she has with that kid. She says he is too concerned about a maid and even Tripathis are more concerned for a maid than their bahu Malini. He says Imlie is more cultured than her, etc. She fumes that he used to compare Malini with a maid and now is comparing even her. Daadi asks them to stop fighting as she thought of a pooja for Malini’s sake and doesn’t want any issues.

Taiji and Aparna asks Imlie to help them fix Adi and Malini’s wedding pic on wall. She feels sad noticing their pic. She then walks to Tinkle and takes a paper from her. Aparna informs Taiji that Anu and Dev are coming here to invite them for pooja. Taiji says she is feeling headache and Aparna says she is having leg sprain, laughs and says they cannot give excuses but have to go and see Anu and Dev fighting. Taiji says they will send Adi and Malini instead. Malini joins them followed by Adi. She informs Adi that her parents are coming to invite them for pooja. He leaves rudely leaving her sad again.

Imlie draws sketch of her and Adi’s wedding. Adi walks to her and asks what is she doing. She says its a surprise. He insists to see it and runs behind her. Dev and Anu reach there. Family greets them. Adi acts as going away and snatches sketch. Imlie resists and snatches it back. Taiji calls Adi and he walks away. She hides sketch in the sketchbook and hides it under her potli. Adi meets Dev and Anu. Rupal tells Dev that Tinkle wants to show her drawing to him. He agrees. Tinkle runs to get sketchbook from Imlie’s room. Imlie greets Dev and Anu and touches their feet. Anu backs and shoos her away. Adi comments that Imlie is respecting elders, but they don’t deserve it. Anu comments. He replies back. Aparna asks him to shut up and takes them in.

Tinkle takes sketch book from Imlie’s room and shows her sketches to Dev. Imle gets tensed that Dev will see her sketch and prays Seeta Maiya for help. Just when Dev is about to check her sketch, Sunny snatches sketchbook and runs away. Tia runs behind her and sketch falls in corridor. Anu tells Tripathi family that maa/Daadi have invited them for pooja. Tauji says everyone has some work, so Adi and Malnii will visit them. Dev agrees. Sketch gest stuck on Sundar’s shoes. Anu asks what is stuck on his shoes. He apologizes and tries to pull it off when Imlie snatches it. Adi takes it from her. Tauji asks which paper is it. He says waste paper and he will throw it away. Malini says she will throw it away and throws it in dustbin. Dev asks Imlie if she will come with Adi and Malini. Adi says she will not come as he doesn’t want her to be insulted again, reminiscing the incident. Malini says she asked mom to apologize and mon did. He says what is the guarantee that Anu will not insult her again. Dev requests Imlie again for Daadi’s sake. Adi thinks Dev did wrong with Mithi and Imlie, but he cannot stop him from meeting Imlie; so he says Imlie will come with them. Anu says great, Imlie can work with other servants. Malini asks why should she. Adis says Imlie will be a guest and not servant or else she will not come there. Dev says he is inviting Imlie like a daughter. Adi thinks he knows, but if something wrong happens with Imlie tomorrow, he will not keep quiet. Anu thinks she will how will Dev give her daughter’s place to a maid.