Imlie 5th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Rudra telling Chini to open the card and read it. Chini thinks how the bomb will blast after it will be opened. Chini feels nervous and Rudra forces her. Imlie gets scared seeing them and she tells Arto about the bomb. Arto asks her if she is sure. Imlie says what she heard sometimes ago. Rudra says to Chini he doesn’t have enough time to tolerate the nonsense. If she has something to say she can say that to his face. He throws away the card and Arto safeguards Imlie in fear. Chini thinks Rudra has too much ego.

Arto tells Imlie that he has to find a solution to get the people out of the venue as soon as possible. He leaves and Imlie keeps her feet on the card and thinks she can’t caution people else there will be a chaos. Chini comes there and Imlie tells her to go away. Arto plays the DJ music to divert everyone’s attention. Rudra feels embarassed and he tells that to Devika.

Devika says it’s a proud moment for them so they should just enjoy. Chini thinks she wanted the bomb blast but where is that card gone. Imlie goes out of the venue and informs the police about the bomb. Arto comes to her and says they should leave the place leaving the card here. Imlie refuses to run away like a coward as her mother was strong. She states she will check if the card will blast or not as its about people’s safety.

Ginni insists Arto and Imlie to go inside and enjoy the party. Imlie doesn’t want that. Ginni takes away the card and keeps it on the table. Arto and Imlie get shocked. There Chini sees the card and thinks Imlie cant ruin her plan. Rudra will suffer today and she will make sure the card reaches him. Chini turns on the fan and it flies away. Rudra picks the card thinking he wants everyone to know about Chini’s wrong act. He is tired of her planning. Imlie and Arto rush to him to stop him from opening the card. Rudra opens it and the card blasts. Rudra falls down and he gets admitted to the hospital immediately. Devika breaks down to tears and Imlie consoles her. Nurse informs them that the doctor will reach late due to traffic.

Chini thinks she took her revenge from Rudra as he sent her to centre. Imlie learns about the car number of the doctor and picks him up on her scooty from the road. Doctor says for the first time he is going by a scooty. Imlie tells him to have patience. Chini collects the CCTV footage from a man and learns if there is anymore evidence against her in the award function. He says no. Chini feels once Arto gets all the property of Imlie and Rudra she will marry him. Devika thanks lmlie for bringing the doctor on time. Doctor treats Rudra and Arto gets emotional looking at him. Imlie feels sad seeing Arto.

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