Imlie 5th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Aparna informs family that Malini told her boyfriend’s name is Kunal Sharma and they both want to live together. Pankaj asks if Malini told this. Imlie says Malini was joking. Malini walks to them and says whatever they heard is true, there are problems between her and Adi as she loves someone else. Nishant says he doesn’t trust her. Imlie says Malini is joking. Harish asks why will anyone just in such a serious matter. Imlie says its because.. Malini asks her to stop. Imlie asks then why don’t she introduce Kunal to them, she should stop lying. Harish says she disappointed them. Aparna says she wanted to welcome her like a mother, what about their mother and daughter relationship now. Imlie says again Malini is lying. Pankaj asks Adi if he knew it. Radha says Adi was suffering silently and they were blaming him instead. Aparna pampers Adi and asks why> Adi asks Malini why did she lie and took all blame on herself, now everyone will think problem in their relationship is because of her and Kunal’s affair, but truth differences creeped up because of his and Imlie’s relationship and he lied; everyone will blame her, so she should tell truth to everyone. Malini says when she was speaking to Imlie, maa heard their conversation and whatever happened is good; she knows they have a secret which nobody knows of, if they reveal it, don’t know how family will react. Adi says he is tired of convincing Imlie, but she is adamant to meet Kunal; she should inform Imlie who is Kunal and where he stays, but she increased their problems with her act. Malini says she didn’t and if he had told truth earlier, they wouldn’t have been in this situation; he couldn’t tell truth and she couldn’t hide truth. He says he doesn’t want family to blame her. She says what if family doesn’t accept Imlie. He says he will leave the house and it is the best solution. He asks her to think well before doing anything as only he is Imlie’s family now. He says he is with Imlie. Imlie walks to her and says even Malini is with her and until Malini introduces Kunal, she will not move ahead. Malini asks not to be adamant. Adi says even he wants to meet Kunal, so when will she introduce him. Malini says tomorrow she will introduce Kunal to them.

Aparna cries that Adi was suffering and she didn’t notice it. Imlie says Malini is lying. Pankaj says why would she. Aparna says maybe in anger as Adi was mistreating her. Nishant says he will speak to Malini once. Rupali says there is no use of reuniting Adi and Malini. Familiy asks reason. Rupali reminisces Adi and Imlie’s conversation and says she just feels that there is no problem with Adi and Malini. Aparna says she has seen how much Malini loves Adi. Imlie says she should listen to her instinct and not conclude until she meets Kunal. After sometime, Imlie looks at Malini’s ring. Adi asks if she wants to wear it. Imlie says it belongs to Malini and signifies his and Malini’s relationship, she doesn’t want to disrespect their relationship, so Adi should keep it with him. He asks if she will not feel bad if he keeps it. She says even if his and Malini’s relationship ends, he will continue caring for malini, so she will not feel bad. He sasy he knows, tomorrow there is a meeting with divorce lawyer and Malini will introduce him to Kunal there. Malini gets tensed thinking how will she introduced a person who doesn’t exist at all.

Next morning, Adi and Malini meet lawyer. Lawyer asks if they thought well. Malini says yes and requests him to proceed with divorce. Lawyer says she is making a mistake with this decision. Adi says its their mutual consent and he cannot blame Malini alone, truth is. Malini says truth is they are not made for each other, so needs divorce. Lawyer says Malini is like his daughter and is worried for her, but last time he heard their conversation and knows that she loves someone else. Malini says she knows that he informed about it to her family and even Adi’s family knows about it. Lawyer says even then she is speaking with her head high. Adi warns him not to insult Malini and should respect his client. Malini says its okay as uncle is his family member and she didn’t feel bad, he should please proceed with the case. Lawyer says if they both want divorce, he will finish divorce formalities soon. His peon informs that a new barrister is shifting in next office and needs a few printing papers, so can he take them. Lawyer agrees.

Imlie waits outside lawyer’s office and thinks when will invisible Kunal appear. A man walks to her with files and asks her to move aside. She asks who is he. He asks what does she think. She says a peon. He walks into new lawyer’s office and arranges files. Imlie asks who is his boss. He says boss’ name is KC. Imlie continues her jokergiri drama and asks who is he. He says boss is very handsome like Hritik Roshan and very talented and shows all his awards. She asks why are trophies kept here and continues her jokergiri, sees his photo and asks his boss is weird that he kept peon’s photo. Man wears barrister gown and sitting on boss’ chair says he is barrister KC.