Imlie 7th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Imlie cries reminiscing Malini hugging Adi and thinks when she wants them together, then why is she feeling bad. Dev walks to her. She apologizes for entering his painting room uninformed. He says its her house and she can go wherever she wants to, if she is crying because of Anu. She says she is crying because of emotion sickness. He laughs. She says when she is feeling what she doesn’t want to, what should she do. Anu asks Malini not to ignore what is in her mind. Malini says Adi thinks she is overthinking. Anu says men cannot express their feelings properly, but women shouldn’t hide their intuitions. Imlie tells Dev that she needs to hide truth or else it will ruin many lines. Dev says one shouldn’t be under pressure of truth and its better to reveal it; he says he is bearing pain whole life after not revealing truth, so she shouldn’t go through same pain. Imlie thinks whether she should tell truth at this time. Malini tells Anu that she doesn’t want to do that. Anu says she has to to get out truth from Adi.

Adi searches Imlie and thinks she must be crying sitting somewhere in a corner, but how to explain that it was Malini’s truth and not his. Malini walks to him, and he says let us go home. She asks him to go as she will stay back at mom’s house tonight. He says as she wishes. She thinks he never stopped her from staying at mom’s place, but always asked when will she returned. Imlie walks to them. Adi says let us go home. Malini says Imlie will stay with her tonight. Imlie agrees. Adi insists she will not stay here, then says family doesn’t know about it, her books at home anyways, and Tauji is waiting to teach her. Malini says even she can teach Imlie. Adi says she gave her books to Imlie. Imlie says she will inform Tauji that she will study from tomorrow. Adi insists and says he cannot let her stay here as she is his responsibility. Malini asks if she is not his responsibility. He says of course she is and asks not to stretch the issue. Dev thinks Adi is right and even he cannot guarantee Imlie won’t be insulted here. He asks Malini to stay back as he needs to chat with her. Malini agrees. Imlie asks when will she come. Malini says she doesn’t know. Adi takes Imlie along and opens car door for her and picks her stuck dupatta. Malini gets more sad noticing that. Anu says she wanted to show Adi’s growing concern for Imlie since long, but she was blindfolded. She says when a person doesn’t mind losing a person, he/she will not desire to keep that person with him/her. Malini stands teary eyed while Adi drives car away.

Adi stops car in signal. Imlie touches car controls. He stops her and says he will teach her later. She notices balloon vendor. He buys balloons. She asks if balloons are for her. He asks if she is a kid and asks her to sit silently while he keeps balloons in car’s dickie. He then stops car midway, buys flowers and gifts, and stopping car again says looks like tyre is punctured and asks her to go and get tyre stepny from dickie. She opens dickie and sees her drawn sketch of their wedding framed in between all bought gifts. He says she wanted this sketch not to get spoiled and ask her to sit. She sits, and he says he wanted to explain that his intimacy with Malini was not true as it was Malini’s truth and not his. She reminisces the incident. He says he knows she is hurt seeing him with Malini. She says she is not. He says he realized her love for her and she is his first wife and not his forced responsibility. She says she doesn’t want to give pain to Malini. He says even he doesn’t want to, but he realized that his 7-year love for Malini was not love at all and when he realized he loves Imlie instead, he wanted to inform Malini, but seeing her past reaction, he fears she will not bear that shock.

Malini tells Dadi that its takes 30 minutes to reach home, but its already 3 hours and Adi didn’t call her at all yet. Dadi asks her to call Adi then. Anu hearing that asks to call on landline and not Adi’s mobile. She does same. Nishant picks call followed by Aparna. She informs Aparna that Adi and Imlie left home 3 hours ago and didn’t even call her back, so she called home to find out if he reached. Aparna asks why didn’t she return with them. She says she stayed back as papa wants to speak to them. Aparna gets worried for Adi. She asks Aparna not to worry as Adi must have been stuck in traffic and disconnects call. Aparna prays god for Adi and Imlie’s safety. Nishant asks her to stop worrying, he will inform her once Adi returns. Anu asks Malini if Adi reached home.