Imlie 7th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Atharva breaks down seeing Rudra’s condition. He walks aside and calls Chini and when she doesn’t pick his call, he messages her that he needs his best friend’s support and asks her to come soon to him. Imlie walks to her. She tries to leave. She stops him. He asks her to let him go or else. She asks or else will he break down. He breaks down and describes how much he loves his father and what his dad means for him. He says his dad never broke down in life, then how can he break down by a bomb. He says he never said I love you to his dad. Imlie says his dad knows how much he loves him and would never leave him. Atharva asks what if he leaves.

Imlie holds his hand and takes him to god’s idol and asks him to sing a song which will make even his god play music for him and accept his prayers. He sings a devotional song. Family joins him. Keya comments their drama started again. Akash gets angry on her and says if she really is worried for Rudra, she should go and pray with Atharva and Imlie. Rudra opens eyes hearing their prayers. Imlie calls now with papa’s recovery, she will catch a culprit and will not spare him/her. She calls inspector and informs that Rudra is awake now. Chini breaks pendrive and thinks nobody can catch her now. Rana family walk into Rudra’s room and express their love and concern for him.

Imlie tells Rudra that she will not spare the culprit who harmed him. Inspector walks in and questions who attacked him. He points at Chini and then with great difficulty says Chandraprakash Chaudhry, his business rival. He calls Chini threatening to kill Atharva if he reveals her name. Out of flashback, Imlie asks Rudra if he is sure its Chandraprakash Chaudhry. He nods yes. Imlie asks inspector to take action on Chandraprakash. Inspector says they will investigate first and if Chandraprakash is found guilty, they will arrest him. Imlie walks out to punish Chandraprakash and delivers heavy dialogues. Atharva joins her.

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