Imlie 9th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Imlie seeks Atharva’s spport and extends her hand. He holds her hand looking at her face and says she is a true person and he will always support her; thinks she herself will break up after knowing the truth, he will support her as a friend until she wants to. A nurse enters Rudra’s room and plays fan. Chini’s letter flies and falls in front of Imlie. Imlie reads it that she loves Arto immensely and love is so powerful that it burns whatever comes between them. She looks at Atharva and hides the letter. Atharva leaves. Imlie thinks she trusts Atharva and is proud that many people love Atharva, she needs to find and explain a person who wrote this letter not to have hopes that she will get Rudra. Chini walks to her and asks if Seeta maiya is a doctor treat Rudra. Imlie says only Seeta maiya’s blessings will help a doctor treat Rudra. She prays seeta maiya for Rudra.

Chini meets Atharva and informs that her family is forcing to meet a boy, his family consider her as a house breaker, and asks how can she fight alone with so many people. Atharva says not only she is fighting alone, even he is struggling to their reveal truth; he wanted to reveal truth to Imlie repeatedly, but she stopped him. Chini asks him to think what to do next and how to stop her family for forcefully getting her married. Atharva says she should speak to him and let him reveal truth to family, but right now his dad is his first priority and he can’t stress his dad more. Imlie passes by and hearing his conversation walks to him thinking who is giving him stress. Chini hides. Imlie notices only Atharva and asks who is stressing him. He says he will go and check on dad and walks way. Imlie thinks may be that letter girl is giving him stress, what shall she do now.

Chini walks to Rathore house and rudely tells Sundar, Arpita, and Rupali that she will not marry any middle class boy. Sundar asks what kind of behavior is this. Arpita says let her speak and says dowry goes to a girl’s house and not a sister, Rathore family doesn’t believe in dowry system, so Chini will not visit Imlie’s house again. Rupali stops Arpita and says the boy is really good. Sundar says marriage means an inseparable bond between 2 people. Chin says inseparable my foot. Rupali warns to break her legs if she tries interfere between Imlie’s married life. Sundar says there is no need for that as Chini is worried for her sister. Arpita says Atharva is Imlie’s husband and Chini should try to move on. Imlie tries to leave. Rupali emotionally blackmails her and gives her oath to stay back. Chini asks what does she want. Rupali requests to meet a boy once. Chini agrees.

Rudra returns home. Divya, Akash, and Keya express their happiness with his return. Shivani tries to perform his aarti. Rudra stops her and asks why did they trouble Imlie and called a baba to perform jhad phook/pooja on her. Shivani says they were all worried for him. Rudra asks Imlie to perform his aarti. Shivani angrily walks away from here. Imlie performs his aarti and welcomes home. Atharva makes Rudra rest on his bed and Imlie will bring food for him soon. Rudra suggests him to become a responsible husband and if watches how Imlie takes care of everyone and blindly trusts him, he will fall in her love. Atharva says he is already in Chini’s love and its an unfortunate truth that either his or Imlie’s heart will break, he can just be Imlie’s friend and not love. Rudra says he is lucky that god gave him Imlie and he shouldn’t let injustice happened to Imlie. Atharva asks him to rest and leaves.

Chini over phone tells Anu that she doesn’t want to meet a boy and is frustrated that Atharva didn’t divorce Imlie and transferred his wealth in Chini’s name. Anu says she should meet a boy and create a situation where Atharva interferes and himself shoos the boy away. Imlie notices Atharva and passes by him. He stops her and asks if she is going somewhere. Chini says to meet that boy. Atharva says that boy will fall in her love at first site, she should carefully reject that boy. Chini says she doesn’t have any option, he should go and take care of his father. Atharva asks if she will say yes to that boy. Chini says she wants to marry Atharva and can’t get mad waiting for him, so she will commit suicide. She leaves. Atharva stumbles recalling Imlie’s words. Imlie holds him and asks if he is fine. He says yes. She asks why he looks tensed. He thinks if he reveals truth, she will be hurt and if not, he will be hurt.

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