Indiawaali Maa 25th September 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Hassu speaks with Kaku over phone and plays an old song for her. Kaku reminisces incident where he plays Ajeeb Dastan Hai and presses her feet. Out of flashback, Hassu says he is pressing his own legs and is feeling good. Kaku says even she is doing same. Receptionist informs Rohan that his card payment got declined and he needs to pay at least 10000 Rs immediately. He thinks of taking advance from Patel and calls him. Patel says he cannot give him loan as he got some problem. Rohan asks if problem’s name is Murthy. Patel says he wants to pay his mother for cooking at his daughter’s wedding. Rohan says his mother just helped him. Patel says he doesn’t keep anyone’s debt and transfers money into Rohan’s account.

Murthy shouts at Vasu to not blame him. Vasu says she doesn’t have a child, how can he try to abort Chinu’s baby. Murthy gets adamant that he did right and says he spent lakhs on her treatment, but if she didn’t get pregnant, what he can do; she can help him even without giving him a child.

Rohan brings Chinu come. Chinu says she is feeling really good returning to her home. Kaku says Rohan decorated whole house for Chinu and praises him. She asks Rohan to praise even her as she prepared his favorite food in 1 hour and helped him decorate house. Rohan says what is special in it and asks her to go to her room. Kaku walks to her room sadly. Rohan cheers up Chinu and giving her guitar asks her to sing their favorite song. She sings Sans Me Teri Sans Mili They then spend quality time together.

Next morning, Kaku gets Chandraprabha’s call who insists her to inform Rohan to return her money soon. Kaku assures her. Rohan walks down shouting at someone that he will return money soon and asks Kaku to not open door for anyone. She says she spoke to Chandraprabha, who is it now. She hears doorbell and seeing neighbor Chandrika via door hole opens it. Chandrika requests for some sugar. She goes in to bring sugar. Chinu sees Chandrika and greets her in. Grocer rushes in shouting to call Rohan and insists Rohan to pay his grocery bill right now. Rohan assures he will in 2 days. Grocer yells that they live in a big house and need free grocery. Kaku brings sugar, but Chandrika leaves without even taking her bowl. Rohan sees Chinu feeling embarrassed and says she knows her father will not anyone invest in his project, but its so embarrassing and she is stuck. She walks to her room.

Vasu provokes Mrs. Patel not to help Rohan. Mrs. Patel says she knows and warned Mr. Patel not to help Rohan, but paid 10000 rs as Rohan’s mother cooked during her daughter’s wedding. Vasu acts surprised. Mrs. Patel says Rohan is taking his mother’s help to earn money, but mother cooks really well. Vasu gets a plan to insult Kaku and Rohan. On the other side, Rohan yells at Kaku that he was trying to set things right between him and Chinu, but she spoilt everything again. Kaku says she will help him get loan. He asks if she will ask 100 rs from her known ones, he needs lakhs and she can’t help him.

Precap: Rohan requests Kaku to cook in his friend’s house party. Kaku does. Vasu taunts her that Rohan sold her services for money. Kaku gets disheartened seeing Rohan taking money.