Indiawaali Maa 26th November 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Murthy asking Cheenu her reply. Kaku comes home to meet Cheenu. She asks Cheenu not to say yes. Cheenu agrees for the engagement. She asks Kaku to leave, she has already tried a lot. Kaku cries and leaves. Murthy thanks Cheenu. Vasu says Akshay, you are our would be son in law now. Murthy blesses Akshay. Meenu cries. Akshay and Cheenu get pic clicked. Vasu sees Meenu crying. Kaku walks on the road sadly. She comes home. Rohan asks what happened. She cries a lot. He understands and cries. Meenu says you wanted to help me, but you were so happy for Cheenu. Vasu says Akshay doesn’t love you, he just loves Cheenu, I have to do what your dad wants. Meenu says yes, I understand that you will be pleasing dad. She goes angrily. Vasu worries. Meenu goes to Cheenu’s room. She asks Cheenu are you sure about the engagement, will you change decision at the last moment. Cheenu says I m getting engaged to Akshay. She goes.

Kaku cries and says everything got shattered. She tells everything. Hasmukh worries. Kaku says Cheenu and Rohan love each other, but the misunderstanding spoiled it. He says there is one way, do something that Rohan and Cheenu have to stay under one roof. She says they were in office together but it didn’t work. He asks her to close eyes fast. She closes eyes and sits. He asks her to think that he had come to make her problem end, when her dad had fixed her alliance with Praful. She thinks of Hasmukh. He says I had revived love and courage in you. She says yes, then I said I love Hasmukh and want to marry him. He says yes, you have seen me every day and gave me a place in heart, if Rohan is in front of Cheenu every day, then Cheenu will love him, history will repeat again, they will unite. She says you always win my heart, I have to think how to get Rohan in Cheenu’s office.

Cheenu says clients liked our approach of maternity line, they want the indian designs, pattern should be ethnic. Fawad smiles and says congrats, you are getting engaged. She says the designs have to be ethnic. He asks how did you get the great ideas. She says its Kaku’s ideas. Fawad says we will ask her how can we outsource the designs. Akshay comes and says she will not come now, she would be celebrating for our engagement news. Kaku comes and greets them. They see Kaku.

Kaku says I can’t leave work, I have to handle the new work, I have thought of something, I was getting ideas at night, shall I say. Akshay says you can go if you aren’t comfortable, its not imp that you work here. She says I came here by my wish, now my job is permanent right. Cheenu asks why did you come here. Kaku asks where shall I go, when children are doing a mistake, elders have to be there. Cheenu says I m doing it by thinking well. Kaku says your finger is shaking, I feel you have something else in your heart. Cheenu says if you want to stay in the office, just talk project related, else you can go home. Kaku asks why, are you scared that your feelings will come out. Cheenu says no, you become chief designer on this project, you will know that I m doing it from my heart.

Fawad says the clients called to ask about the updates about indian print. Kaku says what print, the work will be block print, it will be great. He says that sounds exclusive, how will we manage it, who will do it. She says my mum’s youngest sister, Kesar Maasi is a big artist in Bhuj, she does good art of block print. She has many interns and artists, they can do it easily, lets call Bhuj here. He says that sounds good. Cheenu says we don’t have time to call workers soon. He says we can talk to Fawad and book flight tickets. Kaku says no, the women will run away on hearing about flight tickets. Cheenu says we have to get them here. Kaku says Maasi loves Rohan a lot, he didn’t talk to her ever, she is much angry and broke relation with me also, how will we convince her. Fawad says make Rohan talk to Kesar ji, so that she gets happy. Cheenu says Fawad… Kaku says I need to talk to Cheenu. Fawad goes.